So as you probably know by now, Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram. A lot has been said about why Facebook did the deal.

Maybe Facebook is scared Instagram will be a major competitor OR it wants to prevent Google from getting their hands on it

But one thing is for sure, If Instagram wasn’t a “simple” app that does one thing well (sharing photos) and at the same time give a good visual experience……..

It won’t attract 30 million users. Without 30 million users, Facebook wouldn’t have taken a second look at it.

Lessons to learn are

  • Be Simple
  • Do ONE thing well and
  • Have an amazing visual experience

I started the Vault to help you with number 3 because I know you can handle 1 and 2 but admit it, you suck at 3 🙂

To help you with that, here is a sneak preview of the next template coming out on the Vault.

A sexy visual theme that gets its inspiration from Pinterest (the next property to be bought for $1 Bn, I predict).

Please leave a comment and Let me know what you think.



    Very nice! I wonder if this kind of design can be integrated with Sensible Table View? That would be really far away from the traditional TableView display!

    • tope

      True it is far away from the traditional table view implementation. That is why I don’t think we will integrate it with STV out of the box. Good to know you like it