Top 7 iOS Photo Editors for iPhone in 2014

iPhone isn’t just a smartphone, or a high-end mobile device that you can use to build amazing things; it’s also a photography device for many, and when we look at the industry at large, many of the images we share online these days, have in fact been captured with our mobile devices.

Instagram changed the way we perceive photo sharing with friends, family and the public, but guess what? Instagram is only for mobile devices, and so you can image the scope that the industry has managed to consume over time. Apart from default filters that Instagram offers, there isn’t all that many other things to do with your photos.

But, it’s never just about Instagram, or similar sites. Often, artists take professional photos for themselves and their projects, using nothing but their mobile phone, and perhaps a couple of additional gadgets, but we’re not going to get geeky here.

iOS photo editors enable us to play with our pictures at a greater depth, and saves us time from having to upload every single picture to our computers, and doing the editing from there. I’ve used plenty of iPhone photo editors in the past to know which ones are good, and which ones lack even the most basic features.

We’re going to take a look at the top 7 photo editors for iOS devices, and hopefully you’ll be able to find something new and exciting that you would like to try. Lets get to, shall we?


Sktchy - Share photos. Inspire artists

Sktchy makes photo sharing inspiring. Every day artists around the world create amazing portraits inspired by the photos on Sktchy. Drawings, paintings, sculptures — you never know what your photo might inspire an artist to create.

I’ve learned that this is the perfect photo editing / sharing app for artists, I’ve found so much inspiration by browsing peoples crazy views of life, and I highly recommend for you to download and try this free photo app.



You can easily build beautiful collages and organized photo galleries (hence, frames) and share them with your family and friends. I’ve chosen to include this photo editor in this list, because it also offers the ability to apply filters, very similar to Instagram.


FxCamera - photos with various effects

Toycam, fisheye, symmetric photos, this app has got it all and it’s so easy to use, you’ll even forget that you’re using it. The really interesting feature that stands out for FxCameris of course the ability to do voice-overs for your photos, you can snap a photo while also doing a voice-over for it, and it’s totally share-able on big social networks like Facebook.


Camera360 Ultimate

This was the best photo editing app in 2013, and still is in the year 2014. Camera360 has been around for long enough to understand the market and realize what the customers want. You can easily apply filters and see both non-filtered and filtered pictures at the same time, instead of switching from one to another, you can see it all happen in real-time.

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder

Stands out with a magnificent collage feature, which will make you want to rearrange all of your previous photos in beautiful sets of galleries and collages, has a decent sized filter collection, but nothing overly spectacular. Still, over a 100 million downloads cant be wrong!

Vintage Deco

Vintage Deco

Like vintage, or retro? This is the app to get, it has recently gotten a lot of attention due to the fact that artists and creatives are making good use of the set of filters that this app brings to the table, and also the stamps and frames that you can put on pictures. If not for editing, then at least get it to have some fun with friends.

LINE Camera

LINE Camera

I’m constantly using this photo editing app to edit my photos with the ability to add text and extra images to them. You get access to incredible amounts of fonts and filters, and it’s one of the nicest applications for adding extras on top of your images. Try it out and let us know what you thought!

Free iOS Photo Editors for iPhone in 2014

The market for photo editors on the iOS is for sure growing, and this is only a small percentage of what is out there, available. Not to mention, many of the photo editors that could have made the list, are actually paid applications (unlike this list, free), and have even more extraordinary features integrated within them.

Just like computers, mobile devices also advance at a rapid rate, and so the technology improves, and the things that we can do; improve as well.

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