I had my birthday a couple of months ago. My wife got me a wristwatch. A Citizen Eco-Drive. It looks really good and I love wearing it. But the problem is… I can’t use it to tell the time.

Why? Because it isn’t set correctly, I did try looking at the manual. When I saw it was as thick as my thumb, I gave up and checked on YouTube and gladly saw that Citizen has 15 minute videos showing you how to set all their watches.

I went through a series of… pull this button one click, roll this here, push these two buttons together for three seconds, then release, then roll the dial to set the time.., bla bla, you get the point.

Fifteen minutes later, the watch was all set. You’d think that was it…. Job done.

I look at my wristwatch and hour later, the time was wrong again. WTF!

I have gone through the video several times and the watch still resets itself after sometime, I guess it has to do with it receiving a signal from a central location but I can’t figure it out.

For now though… I love the watch, I still wear it. When someone asks me for the time, I pull out my phone to check and say “12.30” 🙂

Why the Apple Watch Will Go Mainstream

By now, you must be thinking… He’s going to get the Apple Watch.

Actually, that’s not my point here. I thought a little bit deeper and thought OMG, it 2007 all over again. Apple launched the iPhone and it changed everything.

The iPad is the first device that my 60-year old Dad can use equally as well as my 3-year old son.

It went mainstream…

After launching the iPhone, a short time later, Apple allowed developers to make third party apps for it. Oh, those were the good old days.

It was like you all you had to do was put an app up on the App Store and you would get loads of downloads. Those days are long gone now…

Or is it?…

Is history repeating itself? Is it going to be 2007 all over again?

We have an amazing new device to make apps for and build a business around. The enterprise market is already loving it. e.g Salesforce is already making apps for wearables.

I believe Apple Watch is going to go mainstream too.

For one, it seems easier to use than my Citizen watch. I’m sure there are loads of people with the same problem I have. My son is going to grow up and laugh at the way we all set the time back then in 2014.

As an added bonus, both watches cost about the same and the Citizen can only tell me the time in two time zones. Jony Ive is alleged to have said.. Switzerland is fucked. That’s a little harsher than I would have put it, but they have to be on guard.

Take Advantage of the Fact That is Might Well Be 2007 All Over Again

A couple of years from now, there are going to be millions of smart watches and Apple is going to lead the pack. You should be thinking about apps that will do well on the watch. Not just iPhone apps ported to the watch but a totally new way of thinking.

I’m bullish on the Apple Watch, just like I am bullish on iOS 8 and it’s new features. I’m not going to sit around until there are millions of apps to compete with. I will be all over WatchKit like a rash, the moment I am able to download it.

So here’s to a new wave of coolness. Go out there and make awesome stuff!

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