We have been hard at work trying to get the Newsstand template updated for iOS 7. Finally, it is ready.

If you have access to the template, you can now login to your account and download the new version.

NOTE: the documentation has changed slightly so make sure to read it through to understand how to use the new version. Towards the end of this post, I will let you know the main points to look out for.

Here are the release notes and the changes you can expect to see.

– Added In-app receipt validation
– Now Connecting to Apple servers to validate purchase receipts
– Fixed issue with restoring purchases made from another device
– Added iOS 7 compatible resources for current design themes (red, blue and Magrack)
– Added a new Flat design theme, Looks great on iOS 7.

Here are some other changes we added.

New: Video Tutorial

Some of us don’t like reading, eh? I feel your pain. So I decided to make a video tutorial as part of the documentation to show you how to setup the template.

Here is the playlist on YouTube. Currently clocking at 14 videos!


New Magazine Kiosk Design

Below you will see that we added a new design that will look right at home on the iOS 7 device. It sports a new Kiosk design with a header that you can use to showcase more details about your magazine.


New Changes to the Documentation

First off, for iOS 7 Apple decided to disable testing in-app purchases in the iOS simulator. So note, that you will need to test your in-app purchases on an actual device.

To avoid you not being able to test on the simulator, we decided to add a flag in the Configuration.plist called ImplementPurchases. This is set to “NO” by default.

When you have a device plugged in and want to test your in-app purchases, please set this to “YES”.

Also make sure to submit your app to Apple with it set to “YES”.


New Magazines Live On The App Store

We have already had two customers with their magazines live on the App Store.

The first one is Road Belly by Mark from Michigan Software Labs. Check it out here.

The second one is Revista Santarem Digital by Osvaldo. See it here.

Well done to you guys for taking action and getting your magazine out there!.

Go Get Your Update

If you have bought this template, you have free updates for a year. Login to your account and get rocking!.


  1. outqube

    Hey Tope,

    What is your email? I need to ask you a few questions on a couple of your templates.


  2. Osvaldo

    Hi, Tope.

    Is it possible to put the curl page in the app? So that can make fell more like a magazine.


  3. Azman

    I am currently publishing my mag online using Zinio and now looking at our own app for Newsstand – not sure how much extra steps in the workflow is required to use your template. Please let me have the details.

  4. Ishmael

    Tope is setting standards!!! for an online GURU, he has a lot of compassion, help and advice for upcoming developers like myself. Without his help, I could have got to nowhere VERY FAST 🙂

    It is with pride that I now have a snapping app on iTunes 🙂 ..though I will not post any link to it just yet because this post is just to say thanks!!!