Here are some changes we have done to your themes recently. Anytime we get an email alerting us about a bug in the Vault, we always hit the “Code Red” button and dispatch the Swat team to squash them.

Here is a list of bugs we have fixed recently. Login here to download the new versions of the templates


Updated right navbar for full landscape detail view. Thanks to Stan for letting us know about this


Alert View did not rotate in landscape orientation. Raised by Scott. Thanks

Mac ColorSwitcher

Fixed paths to work on folders and files with spaces. Thanks for Sacha for raising this. Here is the link to download it


Added customization for potential Tabbar present in the application and fixed theme color change to brown


Themed the Tabbar with the custom images and made it translucent. Thanks to Nadav


Fixed AlertView for all orientations. Here is the link to download it again


Added iPad retina PSD
Fixed master viewcontroller top toolbar


Added Hue and Saturation value labels to the ColorSwitcher view


Added modal view controller for the center button. Thanks Michael for letting us know
Added Hue and Saturation value labels to the ColorSwitcher view. Swapped progress bar and slider. Thanks Chik.



    Hi Tope,

    could you provide a link to the updated Mac ColorSwitcher, please?

  2. grahamdev

    Hi Tope!

    Can you tell me what the problem was that you fixed by “Fixed master viewcontroller top toolbar” for Podradio? Is this the issue where the Master top toolbar image doesn’t always appear?

    By chance do you know what line numbers this is fixed?
    Thank you, greatly!

  3. micky perella

    I wrote yu an email a couple of days ago but still didnt get an answer …

    Kind Regards from Germany
    Micky Perella