I am currently attending the iOS Dev UK conference in Aberystwyth and I have already met loads of smart developers here working on cool stuff.

I have the conference app installed on my phone and I just couldn’t resist doing a re-design on it, (iOS 7 style of course). Co-incidentally, one of the upcoming iOS 7 templates is an Event template.

Check out the design below. I hope you like it.




The Process

The design is kind of simple if you take a closer look. I took pictures of the speakers and passed it through the Analog app. (I love the Realmac software’s apps BTW). I applied a couple of Instagram-style filters to the speaker images. These images serve as the background for each of the cells.

The text on each UITableViewCell is a simple label. Mix the right colors and you arrive at a nice looking app!.

Look out for Eventer launching in September after Tim lets iOS 7 loose!


We have updated more of our templates to work well with iOS 7. Here is a list of the ones that are live. We will post more to the site soon.
Foody, Socioville, Fitpulse, Flattened.

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  1. Patrick

    Hey Tope,
    Quality work as always, I wasn’t looking forwad to updating my App to iOS 7 since I was 99% done with it using the Mapper template, when the announced it to the developers, kind of burnt me out when I heard it, but your work has reinspired me. One question, I see on the satus page that Mapper is completed as far as the upgrade, but I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, has it been upgraded so I can download it and get re-inspired to finish and get my name in play?