One of the design changes in iOS 7 is the concept of layers. Instead of having your app look have distinct sections like the Navigation bar, Content View and Tab Bar, you can give it a new look by layering the view above or below each other.

You can see one of this changes in the way the Control Center slides up above views. Previously, that would have been implemented with a Modal View that was opaque but now since you can see the content below it, it gives it a whole new outlook.


There are many ways we can incorporate these in our own apps. One way we can do that is by having a transparent navigation bar image. (BTW, I just had a bright idea which I will include in our next template :-).

All the custom Navigation bars I have seen up until now are opaque. I was experimenting with a transparent Navigation bar while updating the Socioville template for iOS 7 and I came up with this.


Take a look at the Navigation bar in the video below.

The next step would be to blur the content showing up in the background. I will publish another post when I figure out how to do that.

I’m loving the idea of layers. That just gives a whole new meaning to how apps will look in the future.

You can already download the iOS 7 update for Socioville by logging into your account. OR if you don’t already have it, go here to get your own copy.

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