iOS 7 has landed with a bang and the user interface design speaks a new language. That language is called minimalism. Sometimes less is more. A common place where a lot of heavy design may lead to clutter is in your menu buttons. For the coders, this means your UIBarButtonItem-s.

While making updates to all your templates for iOS 7, we decided to strip some of the unnecessary adornments from our menu buttons. Give those babies some fresh air.

For example, here is how the famous “hamburger” button looked like on the previous version of the Socioville template.


We decided to take out the borders and give it a clean look.

Consider doing the same for your icons. Your app will get easier to use. There will be more space for your UI elements and your users will thank you for a less cluttered design.

Here is the new look. (A subtle change but it does look a lot cleaner).


I have also decided to give you a “Hamburger” button as a freebie. In this download, you will get the large Photoshop version and the PNGs in both retina and standard resolutions.


Click here to get it


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  1. Slava

    Hi Tope

    Thanks a lot for the menu button!

    I am in a process of building a new app with Facebook-like navigation and was looking for this picture.

    In regards to the iOS update of old designs.

    I think it is a good idea, but I am not sure how it will work out with skeuomorphic backgrounds like leather or cloth.

    I would recommend not to focus on trying to make old designs look like iOS 7 but rather do new iOS templates from scratch.

    For example, I would really want a fresh “Google Maps style” template for my new app.

    Just my view on it.


    • Tope

      Sure, Slava. We are working on new templates for iOS 7 but we wanted to make sure that we updated the older templates for all users so they are still able to use them.

      Lots of people still like Skeuomorphic designs and we want to cater to both camps.

      Watch out for the new templates coming out soon in a couple of weeks!