I have on here one of the Co-founders of Applicasa to do an interview on how you can use the service as an App Developer.

Applicasa is a new startup coming into the app server side market with a fresh outlook. You can send push notifications and also manage a database backend for your app. But let’s hear the story from Tzvi himself.

if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I am sure he will be glad to come on here and answer it.

Tope: Please tell us about yourself and your background

Tzvi: The founders, Lior Malenboim and myself, Tzvi Kopetz worked in the online and mobile app development sector for a number of years. Lior is a senior server side developer, planed, developed and designed complex management systems, which parts of them are implemented in Applicasa.

I come from the “client side” development field. I have developed many successful apps and gained much experience in apps and web user interface and design, bringing Applicasa great features to help the app developers.

Tope: Why did you and your co-founder decide to start Applicasa ? What problems are you hoping to solve?

Tzvi: Applicasa helps app developers, lacking in knowledge of server side languages, by providing them a variety set of tools including simple database creation, custom queries as well as a full CMS for management of updates, beta version deployment and push notifications.

Using Applicasa allows developers to develop their apps much faster with no server side worries.

Tope: Tell us a little bit about your service, Applicasa and how it came to be

Tzvi: Applicasa is a server side solution, for app developers. Applicasa’s web based platform allows developers to easily build a complete backend for their apps.

You can find in Applicasa 3 major sections:

  • Database
  • Push Notifications
  • Users.

In the database section, developers can easily create objects to their apps by using our drag and drop user interface, test the data with the web service, insert data by using our content management system and download the SDK that was automatically customized according to the changes in the database.

Developers can also use the users management system and the push notifications system to invite colleagues and customers to send push and update data in the CMS.

What does a developer stand to gain from using Applicasa?

Tzvi: By using Applicasa, a developer doesn’t need to worry about the server “issues”.

A server needs maintenance, it needs growth and scalability capabilities, license and more – we, at Applicasa, takes care of all those issues and let you concentrate on the client side, saving you time, money and frustration when dealing with servers.

Tope: How is it different from other similar services out there? Why should we choose to use Applicasa?

Tzvi: Applicasa is a one stop shop, we are different from others by providing a variety of tools for developer:

Database creation, CMS, Push Notifications, Users management, Ad hoc versions deployment and even a Ticket management system for tracking bugs and tasks.

Applicasa put a lot of effort designing the system in such a way that it will be suitable for all kind of developers, project managers and anyone who has to do with developing apps. Our user interface makes it really easy for developers to develop their app’s backend.

Applicasa’s approach is to let the developer concentrate on the client side development, this why we came with two plans:

  • The first one is for developers who work for brands. Here a developer can invite the brand representative to Applicasa so he can make the payments according to the right package. This way the developer doesn’t need to worry about payments.
  • The second one is for developers who have an idea for an app and wants to develop it. Here Applicasa offers a free “Start App” program allowing developers to use Applicasa’s backend up to 100K app downloads.


Go here to find out more about Applicasa – The server side for your apps

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