The simple answer? Low budget.

Over half of the Top Grossing App Developers I spoke to had a PR Firm doing their marketing. More than half of them also had design firms working for them.

For us to hire a design firm and a PR firm would mean coughing up gazillions of dollars, dollars you are unsure of getting a ROI on.

This is what we have to contend with….

In the last post, I hinted at two reasons why we don’t include design in our App’s DNA even though we know that will make it instantly better than 90% of apps out there.

Here are the two reasons,

1) Hiring designers are expensive
2) We hate doing design ourselves because it takes too much time.

I have paid upwards of $2000 to hire a designer to design my app and it’s icon. I am sure you will agree that a brave thing to do since we are not sure we will get a return on that investment when the App hits the store.

I have also tried hosting a 99-designs contest. Sometime successful, sometimes not. (A good tip to get great designs is to guarantee the contest and offer a minimum of $500 as a prize). This will squeeze out the the great designers from their secret hiding place 🙂

You can also try the DIY route and fire up Photoshop. Personally, I hate doing this because I end up spending hours and hours and then end up with a design my 3-year old niece can come up with.

Ugh, painful!.

That problem (getting great app design affordably) listed above is what App Design Vault wants kick out of your life.

In the next post, I will explain how the Vault will achieve that feat but for now, check out this course I did on Udemy where I show you how to design your apps using the new iOS 5 appearance api.

How to design a stunning app from start to finish.

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