How to Write a Press Release That Rocks

Any business, company or individual serious enough about his ventures, should always considering working with a Press Release company, in order to be able to spread the word about the latest product launch you’re doing. But, at the same time, press releases are not just for trying to lure in more customers.

You’re also building PR whenever you need to directly communicate with your current user-base, and it’s also crucial for times when media companies want to quote something about your given platform. Though, in modern times – press releases are more of a way for journalists to communicate the message of your story, in their own publications. It’s not a bad thing, but it does take some steps to get there.

It’s important to take into consideration the fact that journalists are overwhelmed, with the massive amounts of press releases that get released every day, and frankly – hardly 1% of them are worth looking into. While some prefer to trust only one particular source, you can still optimize your press releases to the level where they get noticed. Lets see how that can be achieved.

Publish Press Releases Only Within Reason

If you think that you can just send out press releases every day (as expensive as that might be), you’re totally wrong and should stop thinking that way right now. I’d even stay away from publishing as often as every two to three weeks, a month seems reasonable, but even then – not very common. Have good reasons for writing a PR, and good things will happen.

Treat Press Releases as a Story

You should avoid the common misconception that a press release is only good for attracting more customers, or at least eyeballs to your business. It might be so for some people, but the most important thing to focus on is telling a story of that new thing you’re inventing, and telling it in a way where people will want to learn more. You should take the advantage of those entrepreneurs who treat their PRs as news, and so devalue themselves, not knowingly.

Choose the Right PR Company

There are literally hundreds of PR companies out there, willing to offer you the cheapest deal – just to have you use them, and perhaps recommend them in the future. It’s all business, but your part of the bargain is to choose wisely – you should consider your options when it comes to publishing a PR trough a reputable company, and not to mention – making sure that you’re not publishing stuff about classic cars, to a publication that published about natural notepads.

(In some cases, the PR company will help you with some parts of the PR – to adjust to their own standards, which are often tailored by experience and past success reports.)

First Sentences Are for The Context

You might end up having a lengthy press release, if you’re all about going into details, but the most important part should be the first couple of sentences. No more than four. You should convey the message in elegant manner, clearly state what are the news about and what is about to follow. Nobody likes to get tricked into some bullcrap story, which ends up being a bunch of words thrown together. Be concise.

Data Will Make an Impact

Whatever it is that you’re announcing, can probably be told/displayed within the context of data, and you should totally go that route, because data is what makes it easier to understand what drove you to that decision that you’re announcing – and it’s particularly good for getting noticed by high quality journalists, who prefer to work with data: rather than plain words.

Writing High Quality Press Relases

It’s not all that difficult, it’s not even more difficult that writing a blog post or an article, all it requires of you is some professionalism in the language and the right approach to the news you’re announcing. By taking into consideration all of the above steps, you’re bound to make it much easier for people to find you, and for people to consider reading your press release – top to bottom.

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