– Alejandro Luengo

This post was published in the third issue of the Appville magazine. Alejandro sent me an email a couple of weeks ago with a link to his new app One Tap! which was using the Gunmetal template from App Design Vault.

What caught my eye was the amazing promo video he made for his app. I had to invite him on here to tell us how he did it.

A good promo video can be the difference between obscurity and getting a big site to review your app. I hope you will be able to add this to your marketing arsenal

You can watch the video here.

Hi, I am Alejandro, CEO of Atom Studios. It’s always a challenge for an indie developer to make a video that shows all the good stuff you have in your app.

In this article, I would like to take your through the process of how I made the promo video for One Tap! with a budget of $300 and some resourcefulness.

A lot of different technical and liberal arts, and marketing theories are involved into making a good video presentation and all must be taken into account. Especially, if you want to call attention of the users and thus, generate a good conversion.

There are two simple ways of making a good video: You can either give it to a professional agency. This is faster and more expensive (especially for a indie developer).

They will do an awesome job for you, you can be pretty sure. But you will be charged $10,000 – $30,000 for the favour.

Or you can go the DIY route. This is cheaper, tougher, harder but it’s more FUN. If you want to go the DIY route, here are steps you need to follow.

Make A List Of Your Features/Benefits

The first thing you need to have is a clear idea of the message you want to put across. Nobody knows the story of your app better than you. Think about why your app is different and how you will tell that to the viewer.

Write down the reason why the viewer NEEDS to buy your app, WHY it’s cooler than others on the same category and WHAT makes yours different from the rest.

This step is simple and you can do it while relaxing (and listening to some loud music works even better).

Tell A Story

Then second step is to embed those insights into a short story. In my case, I decided to use a universal catchy element: an awesome girl (this always works, believe me) and show how she uses the app with a smile on her face. She is happy using One Tap! and she will transmit those feelings to the potential user.

IMPORTANT: Make it less than a minute long. Longer tends to be boring.

When you are done, read the story out load to yourself and make sure it is less than a minute long.

Ok, now that you have a storyboard (or not, in my case I did not write down the ideas but had the in my head), it’s music time.

Get A Background Soundtrack

A good story needs a soundtrack so browse online for some royalty free music. Choose an upbeat track that starts out slow and builds up in momentum as it plays. This works best if your app solves a problem for the user.

The slow part of the track will be where you explain the problem. The upbeat section is where you present the solution. This is simple psychology.

Check out sites like Premium Beat and Audio Jungle. You can find amazing songs for less than $10.

Find a Stunning Model For Your Video

Do you have a beautiful friend? Try asking her to feature in the video. I’m sure If you tell her you need her help to make a video for one of your apps she will say YES!

In our case, I wanted to have an awesome beauty so I turned to Facebook. I typed MODEL in the search box to look for models.

I contacted a lot of ladies, told them my story and what I needed and I found Ana Sánchez. (Here is her Twitter handle if you want to get in touch @anasanxez).

She was pretty cool and very catchy, but a professional model too , this mean she was very expensive to hire.

I asked for a little help and she told me that she was free on a particular date, and if I was to do the shoot on that day she would charge me a fraction of the price. So I did!

Get a Professional Voice Talent

The next thing you will need is a good voice talent to narrate your story.

Voice talents charge a lot, but remember, you only need 1 minute, so expect to pay $100 or less for that job. You can find a lot of good talents on oDesk.com or Freelancer.com

One Tap! gets its good looks from the Gunmetal template. See it here

Use a Good Video Camera

Pick your very good video camera preferably a DSLR or ask a friend for one to borrow his/hers. You can also rent DSLRs on Craiglist.

The One Tap! Video was done using a Canon 7D which I own. I chose to shoot outdoors since the light is better. This is easier especially if you don’t know how to control light.

Shoot A LOT OF scenes, change angles, and then the fun begins… give freedom to the actress so that she can express and make their own ideas (remember, she is a pro, you are a rookie!).

For the part of the video where she holds the iPhone, I had to ask a friend for a set, but, if you have a big white paper, two lights and a tripod you can do it as well.

A good idea is to fix the iPhone to the tripod because she could get tired while holding the phone for long periods. The shot will also be stabilised. If you watch the video for the iPhone close-up shots, she is pretending to hold the phone! Cool, eh?

Edit the Video to Combine the Good shots

The final stage is the hardest. Editing. Here you trim and slice the video to keep the shots you would like to keep in the final video and then discard the rest.

You should make sure the progression of the shots conform to the story you want to tell. It is a good idea to play your audio story in the background, so you can overlay the correct shots at the correct time

I edited the video on my mac using Final Cut PRO X. I hadn’t used the app before so I had to learn the hard way: through practice.

It took a total of two days to edit the whole video from beginning to the end.

“The promo video for One Tap! video was made with a budget of $300 and I am proud of what we came up with.

Check out One Tap! on the AppStore and if you like it, please download it.” – Alejandro Luengo


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