Note #1: So I’m thinking about giving away some free themes for you . . . IF you’re potentially interested in helping shape this themes, that would be lovely. It’s going to take some significant time to put together.

But before I go crazy making this thing, I want to make sure you actually want it (so I don’t feel like an idiot). More details near the bottom of the article.] [Note #2: In case you’re wondering, this post is a follow up to this one where I got over 20 comments that has stopped me from totally going in the wrong direction].

I’m Thinking About Making A Couple of Free Themes For You

These themes will be complete Vault-standard themes. They will even be better than the themes on the Vault because they will incorporate your feedback.

Basically, we shall make this themes together and I will give it away to you for free to use in your apps. App Design Vault is badly in need of free themes anyway.

The free “Made By You” themes will include the same files you expect from the Vault.

  • Photoshop .PSD file with all the features we decide to include
  • An XCode iOS 5 project with all the features implemented.
  • As a bonus, I may make a video screencast to show you how I put the XCode project together.

Here’s The Catch

Because I get deeply engrossed in the projects I do, I can already see myself going all out and making this a bigger package than you expect it to be…

I want to to be sure enough people want it. I will ask you for what features you want, I implement it, you give your feedback, it gets improved and before you know it….

We have a killer theme…

So Here’s What I Want You To Do

UPDATE: The survey is now closed. Thanks to all the 265 responders!

If you are interested, please fill out this quick survey and let me know what you will like to see in the free theme.

If I get enough responses, then I will make them. If no one wants it, then no worries.

NOTE: As a thank you gesture, I will send the themes to only those that respond to the survey


  1. Mahlen Xcites

    This is such a good news! Sounds good! This makes an encouraging statement to respond to the survey. All your themes are awesome!! Well done, Tope!! Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Mikhail

    Thanks a lot for your nice idea 🙂

    I did take part in the survey with my pleasure.

    Best Regards,

  3. Alejandro Carmona

    Hi Tope, thanks for this idea, I was thinking of buying one of your templates for a personal project to test it before offering to a client, a free template will be great to show my clients the potential of your work, thanks!

  4. Luca

    Hi, survey completed, I hope you can achive your goal.. I’m gonna buy one of your template for one of my customer, but He wants to see some of the features your templates can give give to the App, so a free template would be great for my intent….

  5. Eric

    Can we still get in on this if the survey is closes? Themes look really good and I want to kinda of test them out before I see if they will work with an app I’m making.

  6. Matthew

    I’m in the same boat as Eric, I’d like to try a free theme out as it would save a lot of time buying a ready done theme but would like to see how the process worked before committing to a paid for version. Great idea and very good site.