We indie-developers don’t have a massive PR budget that the likes of Rovio so most times, we have to rely on hustle to get the word out about our app.

But the problem I hear a lot of people complain about is not getting any responses from the blogs you pitch to review your app. Now is the time to fix that.

I just spoke with Erica Sadun from TUAW and she has just launched her book called

Pitch Perfect: Practical Advice from Professional Bloggers.

I have read the book and believe me, it rocks… When you are done reading the book, you will feel like you have mind-control over bloggers and know exactly how to make them review your app.

I am not getting any commission from doing this and she is not paying me to send this to you. So if you think there is an incentive for doing this, think again. I only want to see you succeed

You will learn stuff like

  • How reviews happen and why yours may end up in the trash before it gets read
  • What not to ask a blogger to do in your pitch. This will definitely get your email deleted
  • Essential components that need to be in your email, giving your app more chances of getting a review.
  • What days are the worst to send a pitch email
  • Common mistakes made by developers pitching their apps.

Read this book and you will be miles ahead of your peers. They will wonder how come your app is getting so much buzz.

Go here to get Pitch Perfect.


If you use the techniques in the book and you successfully get a review on a top blog, please let me know. I have some goodies for you

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