Apple has now released iOS 9 and with it comes Multitasking on the iPad. The new iPad Pro along with other iPads now allow you to run apps side by side in a split view or a slide over view.

It is a good idea to check your apps to make sure they display correctly with these new form factors. The real secret behind making this work is to use Auto Layout. If you have been ignoring Auto Layout up until now, it is time to pick up the skill and not be left behind.

So how do you make your apps ready for iPad multitasking? Let’s get to that.

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3 Steps to Enable Multitasking in your iPad app

You will probably want to watch the WWDC video here for more information, but before you watch a 45 minute video, let me summarize it for you.

Step 1: Build your app with the iOS 9 Base SDK

In Xcode, you should select iOS 9 as the Base SDK. You can still target earlier OSes by setting the deployment target to it.



Step 2: Support all orientations

In the Deployment info for your app, set your app to support all orientations. If your app is universal, you can set it for only the iPad deployment info and leave the iPhone settings as they are.


Step 3: Use the Launch storyboard

The launch storyboard was introduced in iOS 8 and it is a cool way to make sure your app launch image displays correctly on all screen sizes.

It is good to know that all new projects created with Xcode will come with multitasking support right out of the gate but if you have an existing project, these steps will help you get on your way.

Step 4: Use Autolayout

Here is where the magic happens, if you layout your apps automatically, the user interface will be fluid and iOS 9 handles all the rest for you. When the user starts your app in a slide over or has it side by side, your app looks good no matter what.

Below are some screenshots of our Quizmaker template when it is running in multiple modes.

It is the fastest way to get a Quiz app up and running in the App store. Go here to take a look at the template and read all the functionality you get with it.




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