Welcome to the second instalment of the crash course. In the last one, I gave you access to the free version of our Newsstand template.

Now, I want to show you how you can customize the template and add your own issues. We allow you to publish your magazines in either PDF or HTML. Hopefully, by now you already have an idea of what kind of magazine you want to publish and have some of the content in either format.

The next step is to watch the vide above and see how you can configure the app as your own and be able to download your issues in the iOS simulator.

Sample Magazine Issues

If you don’t have your content ready, I have got you covered. Included in your download are two sample magazines. The first one is in an HTML format and the second one is in the PDF format. If you don’t have it handy, you can download them here again.

These issues are from one of our magazine apps live in the App store, called Appville.


Live apps using the Newsstand HQ Template

You are also probably wondering if there are apps live in the App store using our template. The answer is yes. Here are links to a couple of them

Road Belly


Revista Santarem Digital




  1. Marzio

    I have followed with interest the first and second lesson to create a iOS newsstand app, but I can not find the other lessons. When and where can I find them?
    With regard to the project then I would like to know:
    All of the examples (Appville. ..) have only portrait orientation, you can also configure landscape? I use Mac OSX Xcode and InDesign.
    And last, there is also a similar project for GooglePlay Android?
    Thanks and best regards