Here is a cool utility we just developed and the best part of it is we are giving it to you as a free download.

Up until now, some of the templates on the Vault come with a colour/color switcher (call it whatever you want. I hate it when auto-complete tries to trick me).

The other templates did not have a colour switcher because, to be frank, we were lazy to build it in every time.

So we decided to make our first Mac OS app.

Click here to download Color Switcher. Please share this post on Twitter/Facebook

Here is an example of how you can use it to tweak your app to your taste. I let it loose on the Moments template and this is what I got in 10 minutes.

Click here to download Color Switcher

Many thanks goes to Ary Tebeka (of the World Drugs fame) for putting the idea in my head. Thanks, Ary!


  1. Tony Celestino

    Wow, what a great idea. Thanks again Tope! You are the Jedi Master of App Designs! I’m going to try this baby later and I’ll let you know how it worked out.

  2. daviddone

    i use it.i works so great.Wonderful,i can easily get many color themes with this app.

  3. hblegg

    WOW! Great work. I just bought 4 of your themes and will be using the Color Switcher to customize your templates.
    Please keep up the good work.

    • tope

      Great John.. As usuaal, please send me an email when those babies are ready. I would love to see them

  4. David Braun

    Awesome application, Tope! I will definitely try it out to create some new looks.

    Thanks for all the support you give us app folks!


  5. Hartmut Wilms

    Hi Tope,

    this is great. I thought about developing this on my own, because I didn’t want to include the ColorSwitcher in my app.

    Feature Request: Could you add a Color Picker, please? This would allow for picking a color of the app icon in order to align colors of the app and the icon. You can do so by using the Apple Color Picker but integrating a picker in the app would be huge!


  6. Kay

    Great idea!
    I would love this to work with my purchased templates.
    But also using the Moments template, doing exaclty the same as you, when I click on start, the ColorSwitcher app simply goes blank and nothing happens.

  7. Kay

    I have just found out that all your paths (source and modified folder) must not contain spaces. Otherwise the app doesn’t process the images.

    Thanks a lot for providing this!

  8. Caroline

    Thank you very much, this is terrific – btw – “Choose diferent color” on the last screen should be “Choose different color”.

  9. Mohammed

    Great idea and nice implementation. It would be also useful to automatically rename images so that we can provide the end user with several themes to choose from.
    [UIImage imageNamed:
    [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@%@”, themePrefix, imageName]];

  10. esteban

    really useful app… I’m trying to implement it on the app, so it should let the user easily theme their app. the thing its that I’m clueless where to start, so do you any suggestion to enlighten me? thanks.

  11. Yusuf

    Does anyone know where i can get ipad web app templates which can highlight the features of ipad like swipe, showcasing the company’s products.

  12. BJ

    Excellent! And perfect timing too…I was just about to send an email about how to change colors from default without going into each one, one by one. You rock!

  13. Sunny

    Color switcher is very nice, it saves heaps of time to developers. Thanks alot, you are legend

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    • Tope

      Hi, please make sure you are following all the steps in the video. What version of OS X are you on?

  15. richard

    hello , Im trying to use the colorswitch and when I select the folder > .png >start to make changes and 3/4 of the image disappears only showing the bottom changing. Then when I press start nothing happens . Im using 10.8.5

  16. durul

    hello ,

    I’m trying to use the colorswitch. But when I press start ,nothing happens . Im using 10.9.2