I’m happy to say the 4th issue of Appville is now available for download. As usual, we have got some useful and actionable content from industry experts.

Go here to download it

Robin Campbell of Tapstream wrote an article that explains why you shouldn’t leave the success to of your app to Apple. Tapstream’s service is all about knowing where your best acquisition channels are and how to take advantage of them.

Also, we have got two interviews which I am sure you will like. The first is with Ouriel Ohayon of Appsfire, a service that lets iPhone/iPad users discover cool apps. Getting people engaged is a problem many apps have so he shares his thoughts and tips on how to make it happen.

Ken Yarmosh is the Founder of Savvy Apps. In his interview, he shares a couple of tips that you will find useful as an independent app developer.

Last but not least, Kelly Rice from Kinvey presents their latest infographic. A lot of us have app ideas but underestimate the steps we need to take to make it happen. Make sure to check out the full version of the graphic.

As always, I am pleased to see a lot of you like the resources you read in Appville. From the emails I get and the reviews you leave, they are all inspiring and I know we are on to something with this magazine.

Get Appville here, it’s free so why not 🙂

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