I’m sure a lot of you are ready to start making apps for the Apple Watch. I decided to compile a huge list of resources that will help you along the way. Most of these are mockups in either Photoshop of Sketch so you can have good lifestyle shots for your apps. Included in this list are also icons and UI Kits to prototype your new app faster. Enjoy!

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Apple Watch GUI PSD

After Effects Animation Template for Apple Watch

Sketch Designs of 10 Apple Watch Concepts

Watch Patterns Template Designed in Sketch

Watch Screen Mockups in Photoshop. Great prototyping resource

Black Strap Apple Watch Template. Free Photoshop Download

Paid Resource – Watch Mockup with Chain and Sport Straps

Hero Shot of an Apple Watch from Creative Market

Leather Strap Mockup from Creative Market

Hero Shot For Apple Watch on a Table

Black Strap Apple Watch Template. Free Photoshop Download

Apple Watch Menu Icons – Sketch Template

Apple Watch With Black Strap. Photoshop Template

Icon Template for Watch Apps

Watch Edition Template. Multiple Color Straps Available

Illustrator Flat Vector Template for Apple Watch

Photoshop Mockup With White Strap from Media Loot

Flat Apple Watch Mockup Design. Photoshop Resource

Hero Shot Apple Watch Mockup

Grey Chain Strap Apple Watch Mockup Template

Apple Watch Lifestyle Shots on a Male Model

One More Male Model Lifestyle Shot

Watch App With Black Strap Mockup

Front Face of Apple Watch With Both Black and White Straps

3D Model of Apple Watch Sport Edition

Flat Mockup Designs for Apple Watch

More Flat Mockup Templates for Apple Watch

Watch Design Template with Multiple Strap Colors

Sketch Design Template For the Sport Edition Watch

3D Mockup Kit for Apple Watch – Blue and Green Straps

Apple Watch With Chain Strap – Mockup Template

Flat Design Mockups for All Three Apple Watch Editions

Sketch Version of the Yellow Mockup Above

Sketch Designs of 10 Apple Watch Concepts

Apple Watch – App Icon Designs

Apple Watch Menu Icons – Free Download Available

App Icon Template for Watch Apps

Paid Resource – Watch App Mockup for the Sport Edition

App Icon Designs for the Watch Main Screen

White Apple Watch Strap – with Screen Mockup

Black Apple Watch Sport Edition – PSD Mockup

Flat Design for Apple Watch

That’s all Folks

Wow, that was a biggie, right. Now, go out there and get some amazing apps going for the Apple Watch. If you have any resource I missed, please leave a comment and let me know.

Please share this post if you like it!


  1. Beakon

    Nice list you got there Tope.
    Apple Watch has so many designs and apps that regular watches may go extinct in some years from now. They even integrated your iPhone with a real-time health monitor app, that beeping your watch when you have hypertension or something!!

  2. Mitch Gn

    These are very useful.

    We’re shifting some focus on to wearables, and having a variety of mockups to make use of is super handy! Thank you!

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