There are a lot of tactics and strategies that increase engagement in your app. Some are good, some are not so good. Or better said, they make you look like a jerk and can turn users away.

Know them now and stay away so you can keep a healthy and long relationship with your user base.

Disrespect Their Privacy

When you’re asking for permissions for device components, be as unobtrusive and offer proper explanations as to why you need to use a particular.

Requesting for access like GPS location, Address Book access, Push notifications tend to cause some friction. A good idea is to popup and Alert View to explain why you need access to these components, (even before the default Apple notification pops up).

Also, use as few components as possible, for instance if your app is a game, it might not be wise to ask for GPS information even if you have managed to find a use for the phone’s location.

Causing doubt and mistrust in people’s minds is the worst kind of damage that can happen with your app.

Spamming Your Users

Push notifications, aaahh… the holy grail of creating engaged users. Since Apple launched the feature, a lot of people jumped on the idea of sending messages to app users for free. Be careful though…
Whatever you do, do not spam. The importance of not spamming cannot be adequately stressed on. Spamming leads to you getting permanently blocked from getting in touch with the user you’re bugging and leads to your probable user base getting reduced by one, permanently.

Add all these ones up and soon it’s the end of the road for you.

Describe Your App Like A Jerk

This relates to your product descriptions in the App Store. We have all seen them.

The Best TODO App Ever! The Greatest Exercise App In The World! Amazing way to be…!

Stop it, please. If your app was the best thing to happen since sliced bread, you will not need to shout so much about it.
Make sure that any copies and product descriptions you use are concise and show just the right amount of enthusiasm. Using too many adjectives and boasting a little too much can and does put people off. Even if you have an excellent app idea, people might not download your app just out of pure spite.

Never play with fire human nature. and find innovative ways to say what you want to. Freshness breeds interest. Be creative, be smart.

Do you know of any other NO,NO’s? Please leave a comment and let me know. It would be nice to add to the list and give our fellow devs a list of things NOT to do.:-)

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  2. Oyin

    Lol at “best thing to happen since sliced bread”
    I really agree with your last point. It is hard to take an app seriously with a description that starts along those lines especially if:
    1. The screenshots of the app provided aren’t appealing or show that “best app ever” factor
    2. The customer reviews are poor

    Even if you are trying to create excite over your app, still keep it a bit professional and use other marketing strategies for fun/humor buzz.

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