As the internet has evolved over the period, it has become a more complicated and a powerful platform. There are large numbers of useful web apps that have gained popularity over the last few years that strive to make the lives of app designers a lot easier. Here is a list of seven cool web apps that any web app designers may find it worth a try.


FileSquare is an innovative and productive application that helps the designers and developers alike to collaborate with their clients and communicate effectively. During the initial phase of the Lifecycle of an application, a lot of brainstorming sessions are carried out between the clients and the app designers so that both of them are on the same page regarding the final product. It is here that the applications like FileSquare helps the app designers a great. Freelancers, companies and its designers find it fruitful to use FileSquare as a collaboration tool to effectively communicate with the various stakeholders of the project. This not only helps them to complete the project in the designated timeframe and according to the requirement specification but also leave a lasting impression in the mind of project stakeholders.


Both the android and Apple platforms have the common issue of screen resolution and fragmentation and it comes as a challenge for the designers to keep track of the various icons used across iOS and android platforms. Makeappicon helps in resizing app icons in order to meet the requirements of Google Play and iTunes. Google play and iTunes makes it necessary to create icons of different sizes and this is where Makeappicon helps designers by resizing and optimizing the icons into different formats. The website uses a toaster as a concept wherein, a user can upload an image, let it bake and pop comes out the result. The toaster accepts images of size preferably of 1024*1024 and outputs icons for the corresponding platform. For the iOS, eight icons of different sizes for both retina and non-retina image are created while for android platform, LDPI-, MDPI- and other quality icons as well the icons for Play store are created. It should be noted that this range covers more or less every device running Android platform.


CodeNgo helps the mobile app developers to monetize their applications through the distribution and marketing services available from their site. It helps developers by submitting their apps to multiple app stores and reducing the hassle of the administrative tasks of reaching their apps to more and more devices at the same time. CodeNgo helps in monitoring the progress of each app to various popular appstores like Google Play, Samsung, Amazon, and many more. It helps developers to submit their mobile applications to various app stores and manage the same from a single location. Users are given the facility to view reports so that they can review and analyse from a single dashboard.


Many a times app designers come across great design ideas but find themselves in dearth of people who can implement that. BestCreativity helps in finding the right talent so that the design element such as logo creation, web design and many more be done by professionals at the right price. Customers have the option to start a contest for their right design and receive proposals from hundreds of talented creators. The process starts when a customer puts in the details telling the creators what exactly is needed and then estimates a budget for the same. Interested designers accept the proposal and start their work on the project. The customers and designers remain in constant touch and in the end deliver the final project, and are paid.

Color Scheme Designer

App designers often find it challenging to get the right shade of colour for their design. This is where colour scheme designer helps to define a base starting colour and define a full range of colour palette. Color Scheme Designer has an intuitive and a beautiful interface that helps create colour schemes in seconds. Accessibility features like colour-blind simulation help the user to scale their colour scheme for a wide range of viewers. Using this application, designers can vary the saturation and lightness as well as adopt various approaches like complementary, monochromatic, and more.


TapFancy is a collection of well-designed and hand-picked iPhone apps. It is a showcase and a gallery of iPhone app designs. This may serve well as a great inspiration for new UI designs.


Pixlr provides its users with an excellent online photo-editing tool that serves well as a Photoshop clone. RAM usage and other tools and filters make it an indispensable tool for app designers. Designers familiar with Photoshop find themselves at home with this tool immediately and find its a great inclusion in their arsenal.


  1. Thomas Pun

    Please check out Delight as well. One line integration with your iOS app and we allow you to record and play back how your users actually interacted with your app.