5 Ways to Have a Better Experience of Flipboard for iPhone

Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news, read stories from around the world and browse the articles, videos and photos friends are sharing. To begin, pick a few interests and tap any of the tiles to begin flipping through your personal magazine.

You can get it for your iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows or even BlackBerry devices, and it’s easily one of the best social news magazines in the world. The name originates from a design feature which is called ‘flipping’, which means you’re reading everything like you would on a normal magazine, by flipping pages.

Flipboard announced on March, 5. 2014 that it is acquiring Zite, a competing news-recommendation and content-sharing app currently owned by CNN, and will use that acquisition to create a broad advertising and content partnership with the news giant. [G]

In order to broaden your experience of Flipboard, we’ve put together a list of five ways to help you get the most out of Flipboard, and make your reading experiences a little bit more personal, and engaging.

Save Your Stories for Later

You are able to save any article for later reading, currently Flipboard offers two ways of doing this:

  • Instapaper
  • Pocket


all you have to do is click the menu item whenever viewing content, and you’ll be presented with the option to save stuff for later. This is particularly useful when you feel like you’ve began reading something really good, but don’t have the time to read it right now: because far too often, we just forget about those articles.

You’ll need accounts with either of the services to save content for later.

Dislike the Reading Layout?

I’m not very fond of Flipboard’s default design, and to fix this problem, I’m reading articles on the original sites that they’ve been submitted from. You might not think this is at all going to make any difference at first, but I’ve noticed that it often does make a difference and I tend to explore new areas, that I would have otherwise ignored.

Ignore Crappy News Sources

The one thing I absolutely love about Flipboard is their transparency, and their set of options that they give to the users, which enable for far better freedom and content quality. You’re able to ‘mute’ users / magazines incredibly easy, all you have to do is navigate to their profile and click the menu button, and from there select the option to ignore.

Far too often, a news site is going to start taking different approach to their style of news, and you’ll end up with low quality soap content on your sources list. I’ve ignored well over 50 people / brands in less than a year.

Connect Your Social Media Profiles


Flipboard allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and once you do that, you’re able to update those social sites from within the Flipboard’s own dashboard, what I love about that is that you’re able to discuss the news you’re reading with much larger audience (rather than having to share something separately, and then check separately too) and it makes for better overall experience.

Build Your Flipboard Magazine

I’ve built several, to keep a track of different sources that I am reading. It’s also an alternative to one of the points we already read earlier, it’s a way of saving articles and stuff you like for later reading. You can create a magazine from any page on Flipboard, just look for the ‘+’ button and take it from there.

Flipboard for iPhone: How To Make It Better

It takes a little time to get used to this wonderful magazine app, but the thing I like the most about it, is that after a while you realize how sophisticated it is, yet so easy to use and navigate. It’s clear that the team behind this project has worked hard to iron out all the design kinks over time.

It’s still my favorite way of consuming news, but do you think it can compare with stuff like newsstand apps?

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