5 Reasons To Turn Your WordPress Blog into an App

Blogging is evolving, it’s growing and it’s certainly becoming the norm for a large part of the planet. It used to be the thing for those who could wrap their heads around writing in an online editor – these days, it’s everywhere, and it’s changing.

Nowadays, bloggers are encouraged and expected to rise above the limitations of normal writing, and instead focus their attention on creating additional channels of information: video content, visuals, infographics, podcasts…you name it. It’s all about more content, more things to learn about.

Just a couple of years ago, it wasn’t very viable to turn your WordPress blog into an application for the mobile phone – for the most part, it was because there weren’t enough people admiring the idea. Let’s just say, the supply had no demand. Now, tables have turned, and it’s time to start thinking of how to turn your blog into an app for the masses.

Meet NewsFeeder, an outstanding iPhone application template that will enable you to turn your WordPress blog into an iPhone application within a couple of minutes. It’s really easy to work with, and there is plenty of support available to get you started.

But, why would you switch and what are the real benefits of doing so? Is it going to increase your readership, engagement? I guess we can look at some of the benefits of using NewsFeeder as your starting point.

It’s Really Easy to Get Started

Couple of years ago, only professional developers would be able to build reading applications from their blogs, it really wasn’t all that common and it seemed that at the time, magazine apps were more popular. Now, you only need to get the NewsFeeder template and you’ll have a ready to go app for your blog, in few short moments.

Your Apps Shows the Essentials

Unlike a full-page blog, where the reader is presented with all of the cool gadgets, plugins and widgets of your blog – using an app, they’re presented with only the most crucial stuff, which is, of course, the content itself. NewsFeeder is great in this particular area, because it provides you with social integration as well. Which leads us to…

Greater Social / User Engagement

By having only a few, direct, features on your application – like reading, and social sharing, you’re encouraging a lot of discussion around the content you’re producing, because think about it – the person has your app installed already, he has enough trust and praise in your content that it will surely get shared every time. (most likely, to multiple social networks at a time)

Mobile Blogging Apps are Forming a Trend

Yeah, not every blog should have an mobile app, it will be stupid to think that every person is now going to read all of their favorites blogs from within separate applications. But, if you’re in particular niche, attracting a one of a kind community to your content, it’s definitely worth considering. Your job is to make the app stand out, which NewsFeeder can help you achieve.

People Who Install Your App – Trust You

It’s the second time I mention trust, but I think it really should be emphasized. Peoples mobile phones are their one crucial aspects of their lives, and if they choose to install a mobile blogging app that you’re providing – that is a huge signal that you’re doing something right, and it gives you the advantage of being able to directly interact with your readers and potential customers.


I’d definitely consider grabbing a copy of NewsFeeder right now, if only to see how it can help you and your blog to expand and grow at the same time. Not to mention, if you can show the initiative of taking the first step towards trying something, your readers will appreciate you for that very thing.

You should know that, not only are these all crucial benefits of converting your blog into an iPhone app – it’s hardly touching the tip of the iceberg, some other advantages include:

  • giving readers something new
  • increased visibility, through the app store
  • word of mouth advertising (cool app, where’d you get it?)
  • etc,.

as you can see, the list could go on forever, we just need to acknowledge that those are the real benefits and then go ahead and build our very own, mobile blogging app!

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