Most developers I know have an idea that getting the word out about their app (AKA. Marketing) is a good idea if they want to do well in the App store.

Most marketing tactics I hear about are just done out of sheer copycat methods. The mentality is like “The other guys are doing it so I guess I have to do it too”.. You do need to know the reason behind any tactic to make it effective

I need to have a website for my App

It is common practice to build a website that goes with the app that you built. Should you pack this website full of heavy content like Flash and images? Should you just use text? Should you have two websites, a desktop version and a mobile version?

The answer is not to think of how you’re presenting stuff, but what it is that you’re presenting.

The main reason behind having a website it to showcase the benefits of your app (not features). Tell the reader what problem you plan to solve and how their life is going to be better by using your app.

The second most important reason is to give a place for reviewers and bloggers to learn about your app. Make sure you convey the message immediately without them having to search for it.

Also, it should contain your contact information. This is very important. Read or Listen to this interview with Erica Sadun of TUAW to learn why.

I Need to Buy Ads To Promote My App

Advertisements are sometimes seen as the magic bullet. Buy some ads and throw some traffic at the App store product page and see the downloads come it. If you don’t know what you are doing, this is the fastest way to throw money away. Flushing it down the drain will not be faster.

You need to be strategic when using advertising. You should not have the goal of getting a buyer at the first point of contact. Only direct marketers with decades of experience can manage even a 10% conversion rate from a cold contact to a buyer with just an ad.

One strategic way using advertising is to build an audience and then your subsequent promotions to that audience will be quasi-free.

Build It and They Will Come

As a developer, we can be our own worst enemy. The fun is in writing the code that uploads images to Instagram in 0.5 seconds in a streamlined fashion.

If you are not able to go out there and tell people why they should care, no one is going to auto-magically discover your app.

A simple economic law explains why this is a sure route to failure. You must know where to spend your time. HINT: Spend it on the activities that matter the most.

I hope this post has brought up some thoughts on how to go about getting more downloads for your app. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

If you have another myths to add, I would love to hear them

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