Here is a small sample of apps that rock the Vault templates

Screenshots taken using the amazing Breezi app

RingQUIZ App


AppDesignVault crossed my way and immediately I felt in love with the templates. Exactly that kind of inspiration it was I was looking for, where even as a coder without any design skills it is possible to do something looking great. Last but not least his templates are affordable, something very important to me as a spare time niche app developer!

Tope created a really awesome community to give countless advice – it is amazing. Please do us a favor: Don’t stop doing what you do!!!! 🙂 – Antonino Zeidler, ringQUIZ

Antonino’s app is using the Quizmaker template.
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Wild Edible Notebook


In the 7 months that we’ve been live on the App Store, we’ve seen more than 10,000 downloads of the app, and more than 2000 in-app purchases. The revenue keeps growing, and our user base and mailing list are growing too.

I just want to say that without the App Design Vault Newsstand Magazine Template, I wouldn’t have been able to get this magazine started, and certainly wouldn’t have seen any income from the Wild Edible Notebook project. Our prospect and customer list has grown ten-fold in only 7 months. Thank you Tope! – Gregg, Wild Edible Notebook

Gregg’s app is using the Newsstand Magazine template.

Lafayette College Trivia


I was able to use this template to quickly update and release the Lafayette College Trivia App. The Quizmaker template was so simple to update with fresh designs (some additional free backgrounds are included in the code base already), and the documentation and email support was also very thorough.

What really simplified things was the web app that Tope provides to convert the questions and answers into json files, saving me the trouble of having to write them in json. If you want to just focus on the app’s content with minimal design and dev effort, I’d recommend using the Quizmaker template. – Andrew, Lafayette College Trivia App

Andrew’s app is using the Quizmaker template.
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Shared Lists


Thanks! My first app is live on the app store! I struggled for a long time with the design of SharedLi – Shared Lists. Once I discovered the templates and advice on App Design Vault, I was able to complete my app and get it in the app store.

I used elements of the Flattened template in my existing design to piece together a design my users love! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for iOS8! – Ryan, Shared Lists

Ryan’s app is using the Flattened design template.
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FirstByTime for Facebook, Vkontake and Twitter



Artem’s app is using the Trackbeam design template.
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Evoque Magazine



Ish’s app is using the Newsstand Magazine template.

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Bill Samurai


Previously, I used the Cashflow template for my bill-splitting app (Billy The Bill Samurai), but customers demanded that I update my app to the iOS 7 flat-design. So I purchased the iOS 7 flat pack bundle and so far I’m really happy with the result.

My app became cleaner and sleeker, and so far my customers love it! This bundle pack template is so worth it. Thanks for your great work. I’ll sure be reusing these templates on my next app. – Mario, Bill Samurai

Mario’s app is using the Layerblur design template.

Food RX – Paleo & zone diet app

The template gave my app a professional look and the UI elements sparked new ideas. If I found y’all sooner your template would have saved me weeks worth of time planning the application layout, designing the interface and the beginning stages of programming (or the cost of paying a programmer to code the design, which alone is worth the purchase).

The customer service is outstanding. You and Valentine are quick to respond and always willing to help, which is more than I expected. I look forward to seeing app design vaults new templates each month. Thanks guys! – Kevin, Food Rx

Kevin’s app is using the Fitpulse template.
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Shoppylist for iPhone

“The template helped me reduce my design time! Plus, my app’s design is both beautiful and simplistic, I love it! – Jonathan Teboul, Shoppylist
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Jonathan’s app is using the Fitpulse and RemindMe templates

The Bro Code

Thank you!. Your designs are great! I’m currently working on a few different projects, and I’m going to use your designs 🙂 – Haakon, The Bro Code


Pets+ for iPhone

Pets+ has had a small banner on the US iTunes iPhone-LifeStyle category for a week and going, and is featured on the iTunes main banner homepage in several countries. Top 50 rank in Lifestyle category too – Michael, Pets+


VAT Toolbox

Olusola’s app is using the Cashflow template.

My Money

The RemindMe template transformed my app tremendously! It already had the functionality but was painful to look at. Now it has the look and feel of professional software. Thanks Tope and App Design Vault.”, Hemant, My Money

Hemant’s app is using the RemindMe template

World recipes

App Design Vault provides world class iOS design. Foody has helped us a lot to save a lot of time and money to hire a iOS designer. Our recipe app has been ranked Top 10 in Lifestyle Category by using App Design Vault’s package. Thank you and keep it up! – Sheng, World Recipes


Entrepreneur Steps

At the development stage, we discovered the Socioville template. It saved us a huge amount of money and because we could now focus on content and coding. Thumbs up!.

The Entrepreneur Steps is an app to help entrepreneurs in the early stage, providing a step by step to launch their business. Robson Wolanski, Entrepreneur Steps



You can’t imagine how easy it is to get a great design for your app. Everything is prepared for you. No need to pull stunts with Photoshop! – David, Ephemeris

David’s app is using the Photoly template


Loan Calculator

Most financial calculators on the App store have really poor user interfaces that communicate low-quality. I knew that I needed high-quality graphics to set my suite of calculators apart from the competition.

As a busy independent developer, I don’t have much time to spend designing graphics in Photoshop and I can’t afford an expensive designer. After seeing the Chrome template, I knew I found the perfect theme for my calculators.

The brushed chrome makes using my apps feel like using a real calculator. It even included a functional calculator which is a feature my users had been asking for.

I ended up combining elements from both Chrome and BizApp to create a unique look for my apps. It was as easy as dragging a few files into my project, copying code from the sample project into my AppDelegate class, and adding 2 lines of code to my view controller – Michael, Loan Calculator

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With the head full of ideas I am looking forward to use your designs for my future apps. Keep up the great work! – Christian, Loc.Book



I just wanted to say thank you to Tope for designing such unique app designs. Not only has he saved my company designer fees, but he has cut my integration and development costs by more than 70%!.

I am not the type to do a lot of talking. Nevertheless, I must give credit where it is due. Keep up the excellent work and I am looking forward to utilizing your templates VERY SOON. – Ricky, Photokap


Carp Log

App Design Vault’s theme was a great starting point for what I needed and the supplied photoshop files allowed me to get access to all the underlying designs I needed and customise them to my hearts content (and Photoshop abilities).

I have been very impressed with the correspondence I have received from Tope and you can certainly see that Tope is generally enthused by how his designs end up being used, and is not just a design shop churning out designs with little though to consideration as how they are eventually used. – Kevin, Carp Log


My Cycle Class

With my back ground as a professional photographer, I was pretty familiar with Photoshop, but I wasn’t familiar with creating UI’s with photoshop. I searched and searched on ways to create my own graphics, while writing code and trying to retrofit my own graphics. The result was disappointing, and quite frankly ugly, and unprofessional looking.

Then I found App Design Vault. I was immediately impressed with the designs and coding examples that I purchased a template and began to incorporate into my design the same day. The template took all the worry out of the GUI so I could now concentrate on coding.

I easily saved a ton of money and hours on doing the graphic design myself. I highly recommend Tope and his work, and spread the word whenever I can. My app design has greatly benefitted from his work, and myCycleClass has turned out better then I originally dreamed it would. Thanks Tope.


Social Boo

I ran a contest on 99 designs but I was not satisfied with the result. And then I purchased your template and had my designer customize it. It was difficult for my designer to create a good UI design, but it was easy to select a template and customize it. Your template saved much time and effort for us – Sungdo, AniMessage

101 Facts

Great, great and once again great! I downloaded the theme, integrated it and sent the update to Apple. I was really impressed how easy it is to implement the new theme into my app. I really like the theme because of the colors and textures etc.

What I can say is that the new design of my app is way better than my old design. I really see how a new and better design helps to boost downloads. I really see an increase in downloads. – Sacha, 101 Facts


Ring speed

For my first app I spent so many hours day by day trying to design something that looked good but wasn’t really stunning. I lost so many hours of coding productivity, just to throw my design to the trash.For my second app I decided to do it different.

Luckily somehow App Design Vault crossed my way and immediately I felt in love with Tope’s templates… where even as a coder without any design skills it is possible to do something that looks great. Last but not least his templates are affordable, something very important to me as a spare time niche app developerTope created a really amazing community. Please do us a favor: Don’t stop doing what you do!!!! – Antonino Zeidler, ringSPEED


Tigers 2012

A vote of 5 stars to App Design Vault for their great themes! Not only was the Blogplex theme a great addition to our Tigers2012 schedule and reference app, but it came bundled with several great IOS classes that removed much of the complexity of adding multiple news feeds to the app.”
“Starting with a working Xcode project is awesome. Not only do you get artwork, but you also get a working implementation. Just open it and get to work. Your app looks great from the very first compile!” – Yatzik, Tigers 2012


Erol Singer’s Studio

I came across App Design Vault after going through hundreds of sites while I was looking for a stitched leather texture for my app. And am I glad I did! Not only do their themes look great, the .psd files that come with the themes are invaluable if you’re interested in customizing the themes or using only parts of them as I did.

It’s amazing how much detail their designer(s) have put into these themes. Customer support was superb too when I needed a different sized texture. I highly recommend App Design Vault themes- Arda, Erol Singer’s Studio