Your App is One In A Million… Unfortunately

An article on Giga Om spoke about the “One in a Million” problem. The summary is: Your app is just one in a sea of a million apps and it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed.


It’s Hard to Get Press For Your App Or Get Downloads in The App Store

Your app may be hovering around the 1000th position in the app store today. If that’s the case, you might as well stop making apps because 1 or 2 downloads a day is just not going to buy a beer at the pub talk less of paying the bills.

You may have already tried pitching blogs and review sites to do a review of your app but you have received no reply. It may just be that your app looks downright ugly and they can’t be bothered to put it up on their site.
Or you might have already received reviews from your users saying your design needs to be updated for iOS 7.

How Do You Stand Out in the Over-Crowded App Store?

It’s simple, Get A Great Design – Your app needs a kickstart and a beautiful design is a great starting place. When your app looks good, users browsing the app store are much more likely to notice your app and give it a try.

Perks of a Well Designed App

Your app needs a kickstart and a beautiful design is a great starting place.

More Downloads

When your app looks good, user browsing the app store are much more likely to notice your app and give it a try.

More Press Coverage

Review sites and blogs are now responsive because they like seeing well designed apps to feature on their blogs.

More 5-Star Reviews

Your users are now happier because their new update is a visible one and not just a “bug fix” one-liner in their release notes.


How to Make Your App Look Like It Was Designed by Sir Jony Ive 🙂

What if you could get more downloads for your app by adding a small tweak that your users will love?

What if you could make your app look good without having to spend 20+ hours in Photoshop?

What if you could save the $1000 you want to spend on hiring a designer and still get a sleek app design?

If this sounds good to you, then you need to read on. It’s about a nice piece of code that I call “Rejuvenate – iOS App Design Pack”. Over 200 developers have downloaded this design pack and no more need a designer to get a sleek design for their apps.

Introducing Rejuvenate – iOS 7 App Design Pack

The Rejuvenate App Design Pack is a set of designs for common screens in an iOS app. These designs make your app look great like it was designed by a top-notch designer.

– With 4 Sleek Login Screen Designs – Often the first screen a user sees. Give A “WOW” first impression


3 User Profile Designs

Users are central to your app. Show their details with a nice UI


4 Designs For Your Activity/News Feed

I can bet there is a Table View in your app. Here is how to pimp it up – Facebook Style 🙂


2 Designs For Your Settings Screen

Apps often use default controls for the settings screen. Well, not anymore!


You get the design, you get the code. Now you are ready to hit the charts

With these 4 screens each with multiple design options, your app is now set for primetime. You will be much more confident in pitching it to bloggers because you have a new unique angle to talk about: Your New Design

Rejuvenate your app design today


This is a Steal

Most of our templates sell for $79 and above. But I want to give you a deal to try out what we have to offer on App Design Vault.
Why? Because you don’t know us yet and we would like to get to know you and how we can help you.

Trusted by 4000+ iOS Developers : Made by iOS App Designers

We have helped over 4000 app developers get good designs to make their apps rock.

We have been at this since 2011 and you may have seen our videos, tutorials out there on the internet. Our motto is “Death to Ugly Apps” and I am on a mission to help developers who have no eye for design but still want to make good looking apps.


365 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Yep, you read that right. 365 days! If you buy the Rejuvenate Pack, you have a whole year to try it out. If you don’t like it for any reason, let me know and I will personally send you a refund. (And you get to keep the files anyway, there is no way to return it, right 🙂

Have some peace of mind knowing this is a win-win situation for you. All the risk is on me to deliver a good design template.

Rejuvenate – iOS App Design Pack – Here is the total package. Condensed

4 Login Screen Designs

– Give your users an amazing first impression

4 News-Feed Style Table View Designs

– Make your app look professional like the top apps

2 Settings Screen designs

– Make your app delightful for more app downloads

3 User Profiles Designs

– Make your users the star of your app.

iOS 7.1 compatible : Xcode 5.1 project

– Stay on the cutting edge with the code.

365-Day Guarantee

– If it doesn’t give your app the rejuvenation it needs, you get all of your money back..