Multiple Choice Questions and Answers With Text Or Images or Both

The app allows you to display a number of questions in a series. The questions can consist of both an image and some text. The answers will consist of either an image or multiple lines of text.

The interface will automatically adjust itself to your data using Auto-Layout. You can also have timed quizzes where the user is running against a clock.





Game Center Challenges, Leaderboards and Achievements

A Quiz/Trivia app is the perfect app to include gamification features from the Apple Game Center. This brings that much-needed virality to your app. In the template, we will show you how to enable Game Center for your app.
You will learn how to create a Leaderboard where the top scores will be submitted to. You can also have multiple achievements that the user can strive to.


The best way to bring users into your app is through word-of-mouth. What better way than getting your users to challenge their friends immediately after completing a quiz. Their friends get a push notification and will be prompted to download your app if they don’t already have it.




Statistics, Beautiful Charts and Graphs

The app template has a nice interface that shows user statistics. You can view the data like the scores, number of tests taken, a chart of the last 15 scores etc. All these are shown using beautiful charts and graphs that you see in most quality apps. The charts are updated every time the user takes a new test and it includes an accurate calculation engine.





Live Apps Using the Template

Lafayette College Trivia– I was able to use this template to quickly update and release the Lafayette College Trivia App. The Quizmaker template was so simple to update with fresh designs (some additional free backgrounds are included in the code base already), and the documentation and email support was also very thorough.


What really simplified things was the web app that Tope provides to convert the questions and answers into json files, saving me the trouble of having to write them in json. If you want to just focus on the app’s content with minimal design and dev effort, I’d recommend using the Quizmaker template. – Andrew, Lafayette College Trivia App

Driver Vine– This app is a UK Driving Theory Test App. We released this at App Design Vault to showcase the template so you can see it’s many features.


Statistics, Beautiful Charts and Graphs

Since this is a template, you might be wondering if your app is going to be unique. We have included an easy way to switch between a number of backgrounds and fonts in the app that will make your app look different from others. Since you will also be implementing a different kind of quiz from others, you app will inherently be different.

Here are some of the different designs that the template comes bundled with.


You also have the opportunity to configure the app using a simple Property list file (we explain how in the documentation). You can tweak settings like switching between timed and non-timed quizzes, different design options, scores needed to pass, number of questions in each category etc.





Flexible Question and Answer Creation

The data for your questions and answers are in a JSON file which is easily readable and flexible so you can add your own questions. We know that not everyone is confortable with editing JSON files so we have created a companion Mac app called the “Quiz File Creator”. (very original right :-)). With this app, you can manage your questions by adding new ones, deleting the current ones, setting images etc. This happens all within an easy interface.


You are also able to create multiple categories which the user can select to answer questions from. You will also be able to configure all your categories from Xcode. We will show you how in the step-by-step documentation.




Universal App (Runs on iPad as well as iPhone)

This has been one of the most requested features. So we listened to you and decided to make the app universal. It now works on both the iPhone as well as the iPad. You do not need to make any extra configurations.



Complete Overview of What You Get

When you download this template, you will get a fully functional Xcode project that is compatible with iOS 7, A User Guide to show you how to get setup and a Mac App you will use to create your bank of Questions.

As always, all our products are fully supported. We will help you get over any issues you have in set up. We also have a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If the app is not useful in any way, let us know and we will send you a full refund. We do this for all our products so you can buy without any concerns.

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QWGATT – Questions We Get All The Time … Better Known As FAQ

Will you support me after I purchase a template?

After you buy a template from us, our relationship does not end there. We are not going anywhere. If you have any questions, please send a message via this page. Our support team will be there to answer any questions you have or give you pointers on how to implement these templates.

Do you have any Case Studies/Demos or examples of apps using your templates?

Yes sure. We have a list of apps using our templates here on our Examples page. We have also released a couple of apps ourselves to show you what the template is capable of. For example, here is a Driving Test App that showcases the functionality of the Quizmaker template.

Does this work with iOS 8 or iOS 7?

At the moment, all our templates are guaranteed to work with iOS 8 and also iOS 7. All the projects are compiled with Xcode 6+ so you have the latest tech available.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We don’t want you to be out of pocket if you find out the templates are not for you. We offer a full 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. You have got a full 2 months to try out the template and if after then you are not happy. Send us a message via our contact page and your refund will be processed ASAP.

Is there any documentation?

We did make sure all our code is readable and well documented. If there are any setup tasks you need to do, this will be in your download. We are also very active on our YouTube page where you will find loads of videos showing you tips and tricks on how to get started on implementing the designs.

Here is demo of the quiz app template.