How to Get All You Need To Make Great Looking Apps

UPDATE: We have stopped accepting premium members for now

In the next couple of minutes it will take you to read this page, I will show you how to get all the design resources you need to make your app look great without all the headaches you have had up until now.

  • Have you spent countless hours in Photoshop trying to make your app look good?
  • Have you decided to hire a designer but scared of paying the $1000+ you were quoted?
  • Or have you hired a designer for your app but you are scared of not being able to make up for the cost
  • Did you spend $400 on a 99 designs contest and got crappy submissions but nothing usable?


“A vote of 5 stars to App Design Vault for their great themes! … it came bundled with several great IOS classes that removed much of the complexity ….Not only do you get artwork, but you also get a working implementation. Just open it and get to work. Your app looks great from the very first compile!”

Yatzik Mobile

Who am I and why should you even be reading this?

Before I show you how, you may be asking. Who am I and why the heck should you even listen to me? Sometimes, I even ask myself that question. Why the heck should I listen to myself!.
My name is Tope Abayomi and I am the Founder of App Design Vault, I started the Vault because I got frustrated trying to make my apps look good and couldn’t find the resources to do that. So I set out to make the resources and provide you with them

My mission here is “Death to Ugly Apps”!.

Three Ways to Get a Killer App, Which one will you choose?

Option One: Fire Up Photoshop and Spend 56 painful hours on DIY

You must have thought. “Come on, I can do this” and decided to design your app yourself. Let me save you that pain and tell you up-front. It is a bad idea!

Unless you would like to spend 56 hours pulling out your hair (that you may not even have enough of) and struggling with Photoshop.

Option 2: Fork out $2000+ and Hire a designer

If you do have the budget (somewhere in the range of $1500 – $3000), I can tell you the best place to get designers for your app.

Go to and browse the tags for iPhone and iPad. There are some rockstar designers on there. Stop reading this now and go there.

The rest of the text on this page is not relevant to you. No hard feelings, that is my goal. Death to Ugly apps, remember?

If you don’t have $1500+ to shell out on a designer, read on to find out how to achieve the same results and get a great looking app

When it sells 100,000 downloads, you can retire to the beach and drink Margaritas all day. Then you won’t need me anymore because you would have $1500 to hire a designer outright.

Option 3: Save time and money by getting access to all the themes in the Vault

If you become a Premium Gold member, you will get access to loads of goodies at a discount.

The first goody pack is the “Theme of The Month”

“Thanks for your help. We could not have launched so rapidly where it not for your product. I’d estimate we saved three months and many thousands of Earth pounds. Once around 3.30am, I emailed Tope with a question. Unbelievably I got a reply about ten minutes later and the guy lives in our time zone. How’s that for customer service!”
Antony, Maxxpal

Access To Any New Theme Releases

Every month we release one new theme. You as a Premium member will get access to this theme free as part of your membership. The agency version allows you to use the template in an unlimited number of apps and they are sold on the main site for around $59-$149.

Premium Gold members get a notification email saying “Hey!, There is a new template available!”. All you have to do is log in and get access to this new template every month.

Access To The Agency License

The licenses for the templates come in two variations. Indie and Agency. For the Indie license, the number of apps you can use the templates in is restricted. The agency license allows you to use the templates in an unlimited number of apps.

For the template of the month, premium members get access to the agency variation.

Access To Any New Components

If we release a component while you are a member, you will have access to it of course. Here is what is included in the current component library. You will have access to everything in that list if you sign up today.

Access To All Previous Themes At 50%

You also get access to any themes that was available in previous months at half price.
Here is a small sample of the themes that are available at that discount.




“I came across App Design Vault after going through hundreds of sites… And am I glad I did! Not only do their themes look great, the .psd files that come with the themes are invaluable. It’s amazing how much detail their designer(s) have put into these themes. Customer support was superb too… I highly recommend App Design Vault themes”
Arda, Erol Singer’s Studio



Up and running in minutes…

All these themes have a Sample Xcode Project made in Xcode 4.5+, which you can run and start tweaking in minutes. No designer is going to implement the design in code for you. But we do..

The sample projects all use the iOS 5 SDK and above.

Help you learn the simple tricks and tips on designing apps….

Since you have access to the full source code in your download, you get a front seat position in learning how to design apps. Browsing the code and seeing how things tie together is a fun and rewarding project in itself. Well worth it.

Be able to design apps for iPhone and iPad in all resolutions….

You have got users using the new iPad? or users still on iPhone 3GS. We have got you covered. The design images are already sliced and ready to go in both retina (@2x) and standard resolution. Both your iPad and iPhone apps will look crisp and “resolutionary” :-).

OK, I want in, but how much is this going to cost..

To be honest, it is going to cost a lot less than it is worth.

  • A lot less than the $2000 that designers will charge you for making 1 design.
  • A lot less than how long it will take you do them yourself. You would spend over 100 hours doing this yourself.
  • A lot less than $840+ which you would spend if you bought each single theme from App Design Vault

You can become a Premium Gold Member of the Vault for just $35 monthly
“After a tedious search for mobile app themes, App Design Vault proved to be a sunshine in the dark. The themes here are beautiful,…with a lot of the UX thought out and built into them. I ended up getting all the themes from the website since they’re just an offer to good to pass”
Alina, Megawords

Try it without risk because you get…

The App Design Vault 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
You get to take the Premium Gold membership out for a test drive without risking a penny…
You get a full 60 days to check out the materials and if you don’t like what you see, you get your money back


  • Download the theme of the month (on the other side of this page) ($70 value)
  • Get access to the component library ($350 value)
  • Buy previous themes at half price ($420 value)
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • Sample Xcode 4.5 (iOS 5 & iOS 6 SDK) projects, Design files and Photoshop files for all themes
  • Unlimited license to use the templates in all my apps or client’s apps without attribution
  • Run the sample code, hack, modify, apply…
  • And see your app become a killer app (priceless )
  • And build a business that you can depend on (also priceless)

Only $35/month

UPDATE: We have stopped accepting premium members for now

“I love your themes and believe that it really helps a programmer like me. When you can cut out all of the design work from the project, it really makes up for a lot of the hours of programming you would have to do on the side.”
Alex Melnychuck

“I’ve spent countless hours designing my apps before…they were lacking that professional touch, and without that you can’t make into the top lists on the App Store. So I decided to hire a designer, and he rocked my app, it looks stunning and professional in every detail but that costed hundreds of dollars and weeks of reviews and waiting for the delivery of the source files.”
Tony Celestino, Best Apps

If you don’t like it, You get ALL of your money back in 30 days. No hassles, no quibbles, no questions asked.
I am so sure you’ll see immediate and long-term value in the Premium Gold membership that I want you to test it out on my dime
If you have any questions, please let me know. Send me an email to tope {at}