Hey [wlm_firstname]! Thanks for joining our [wlm_memberlevel] membership!

Can you hear that?

It is the sound of millions of App store customers clapping. Why? Because they know one more person has decided to make beautiful apps!.

I am also clapping 🙂

Where to start?

Step 1: Introduce yourself

Click here to sign on the wall. Introduce yourself and let us get to know you. This is a community and by getting to know your fellow Premium members, we can all help one another.

Take 1 minute to introduce yourself here

Next step

Go to the Dashboard to access the current month’s goodies

How to use the Premium Site

From the Menu on the right, you will be able to get to all of the premium section.

To get access to the “Theme of the Month”, go to the main Product page by browsing the Gallery. When you are logged in, you will auto-magically see a coupon code which you can use to download the Theme of the Month for free.

All previous themes will include coupons that allow you to get the themes at half price.

As for the Components section. This is where we will be releasing “Portable” components. They will not be full featured themes but small components you can insert into your app to give it that edge over the competition 🙂

If you need help…

… all you have to do is send a message using the contact page and I, or other support ninjas, will be jumping over fences to the rescue.

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