Here is all the cool stuff, I have got lined up for you in September.

Fitpulse Template

First off is Fitpulse, which is September’s theme of the month. This template is packed with nice custom controls that I’m sure you haven’t seen much on the App store. This is sure to make your app a “Stand-out”-er, if there is any word like that 🙂

Check it out here

The coupon codes to get it for $0 will be on that page and will be valid throughout September 2012.

50% off all Previous Vault Templates

As a premium member, you can get all the previous templates at a 50% discount. Go here to see them all.

Add the templates you want to your shopping cart and use the coupon code [ismember]PREMIUM-MEMBER-2671[/ismember] to get 50% off in September 2012.

This is a $420 value.

[nonmember]***CODE HIDDEN FOR NON-MEMBERS***[/nonmember]

How to Make a Reminders App And Sync Across Devices with iCloud – Part 1

I sent out an email to you to vote on a tutorial that you would like to see published on the Vault.

Thanks for all the votes and comments!. This is the course that was voted for the most

How to Make a Reminders App And Sync Across Devices with iCloud

This is going to be a complete app that I plan to publish on the App store for free. You will get the final source code.

Part 1 of the course is finally complete. Please go here to see it.
[ismember]How to Create An App That Syncs With iCloud[/ismember]

At the end of the series next month, you will get an Reminders/Todo app that syncs to iCloud, complete with sample code and videos.

It took me over 30 hours of programming and shooting/editing the course videos so I hope you like it. But still i would like your feedback so I can make it better for you.

Right now, it’s for premium members only. I plan to release it to the general
public when it is finished, but you get to follow along as I develop it and see it come together.