Last night I had an idea that may give you even more value with your Premium membership.

Currently, we are 150+ members strong and that inherently gives us a good opportunity to help each other out.

You guys are all publishing apps and need to make a good splash in the App Store on launch day.

I thought it would be a good idea to be able to post to the group about an impending launch. Get everyone to download the app and leave a honest review in the App Store.

If an app gets 80-90 downloads on launch day, with a lot of reviews, it is off to a good start.

Think of this as similar to buying ads to get your first set of downloads and achieve traction, only in this case you don’t have to spend $200 for that.

I hope you are all okay with paying $0.99 -$1.99 here and there to download a fellow member’s app. When a Vault customer sends me his app using one of the templates, I always make sure to buy it so I can leave a review.

I would love to hear what you think about this. Please leave a comment and let’s discuss this.

  • Is it a good idea?
  • Would this be of value to you?
  • Should we only restrict this to new apps?
  • How do we structure this? What platform can we use to manage the messages.