Wow, the year is almost over. Let’s make it count

Radio Template

Here is a screenshot of the template of the month in November. We are calling it Radiojive.

The coupon code has now expired but you can still get it at 50% off using the code below. If you were a Premium member in November 2012 and you forgot to download the template, please send me an email here and I will hook you up with a new coupon code.

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50% off all Previous Vault Templates

As a premium member, you can get all the previous templates at a 50% discount. Go here to see them all.

Add the templates you want to your shopping cart and use the coupon code [ismember]PREMIUM-MEMBER-2191[/ismember] to get 50% off in November 2012.

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App Makeover

So this month, I want to do something different. I want to do a Makeover for one of your apps.

The idea is you send me a link to your app in the App store. (One that needs a re-design, hopefully). I will then choose one of them and apply a Vault template that I think will take it to the next level.

Last time I did this, it was popular and got some very good feedback. See the results here

So, please leave a comment if you want your app to be considered for the makeover.

UPDATE: Thanks for your comments. I decided to choose Todd’s app, Photo Filter Factory.

I use the Fitpulse template to customize the design on the app.Here is what I came up with.

Watch the video below to see how I did it. Thanks to Todd for letting me do this.