Hey [wlm_firstname],

Here is June’s template of the month. I’m sure you have heard all about the invasion of the “Flat” design. It seems Jonny Ive is going to kill all the leather, fabric, gloss in iOS 7. Well, we will soon find out.

At the Vault, we are going to have designs for all tastes and this month, it is going to be a flat design template. It is called Flattened.


Please use the coupon code FLATTENED-PREMIUM-2013 to get it at $0.

Get 50% all previous templates

Use the coupon code PREMIUM-MEMBER-2013 to get 50% off all previous templates.

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Don’t forget to sign up and send a “Join” request to be added to the group.

NOTE: I am only going to be a facilitator. You all have the responsibility to make this a useful part of the program and I have no power over that.

It will only be effective if we all download fellow members apps and give a good an honest feedback.

It will also only be effective by not spamming other members. Limit your posts to inform us about new apps (for the moment). We might update this to include older apps in the future.

So join the Google Group here and let’s do this together 🙂