Hey there, July is here and this is what you as a valued Premium member gets

More will be added as the month goes on so be sure to check back or make sure you are on the notification list to know when new stuff is added.

Chrome Template


Click here to check it out
The coupon codes to get it for $0 will be on that page and will be valid throughout July 2012.

Darstell iPhone App Theme Direct Download Link

I released a free WordPress Theme for iPhone Apps called Darstell. Normal users have to tweet or subscribe to get access. But as a Premium Member, here is your direct download link.

More Icons

Media Icon

This is a leather icon that can be used for Media apps. If you decide to remove the CD in the slip and put your graphic in, it can be used for almost any kind of app.

Go here to see your coupon code and get this icon

Chat Icon

This icon slots in a blue gradient background with a chat icon overlaid. Remove the chat icon and add your graphic so you can customize it for your own app.

50% off all Previous Vault Templates

And of course you get all the previous goodies at half price. Go here to see them all.