Hey [wlm_firstname], Happy New Year!.

I wish you success in the New Year and hope you meet all your goals and aspirations in 2013

Metropolitan Template

I have a confession to make. When Windows 8 was released, I fell in love with the metro design. It’s been a while since Microsoft has impressed me with anything.

January’s template of the month is called Metropolitan and it takes it’s inspiration from the clean look and feel Windows 8 with all the coolness of iOS.

The coupon code has now expired but you can still get it at 50% off using the code below. If you were a Premium member in January 2013 and you forgot to download the template, please send me an email here and I will hook you up with a new coupon code.

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Premium Component Library

Don’t forget you get access to the Premium Component Library. We will be adding more as time goes on.

See the library here