I hope you have settled nicely into the New Year and you have already started taking action, putting steps in place to reach your goals for the year.

At App Design Vault, we have got lots of cool new stuff planned. We are currently working on 4 templates that will be released in up until April. They look so good, it takes a lot of willpower not to just show them all to you now.

Anyway, here is the first of the really cool templates we have in stock. We are calling it Quizen. See a sneak peek below.

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Fully functional Quiz Template

We just created a fully functional app called QuizMaker, which is based on the Quizen template.

It comes complete with code to make your own Quiz/Trivia app. It has features like Game Center challenges, Leaderboards etc.

As a premium member, please use your Premium code premium-member-2135 to get it at 50% off.

50% off All App Design Vault Templates

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