Get sample source code that show you how to implement the designs

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Not just PSD's and graphics

We take it a step further to save you loads of time by providing you with Xcode sample projects where these designs are fully implemented.

  1. standard Xcode Project + PNG Images
  2. developer Xcode Project + PNG + Photoshop PSD

Includes a 60-day Money-back guarantee.

Need more info on the license? Click here

Buy 3 and save 30% with code BUNDLE-COMBO-3
  • XCode Sample Project

  • iOS 6 compatible

  • iOS 5 compatible

  • .PSD files

  • Retina (@2x) support

  • .PNG Artwork

Foody combines a brown leather look and feel with colourful pictures to make your app look like a winner.

Leather Navigation Bar and Tab Bar

The brown leather theme gets its inspiration from the Find My Friends App from Apple. Now you can make your app look stunning without spending lots of frustrating hours in Photoshop trying to bang out a good design.


Unique Feature

Here are some features that make Foody unique.

  • iPad and iPhone Universal App Template
  • Leather App icon – Open the Photoshop file and replace the fork and knife with your own graphic
  • iPad UISplitViewController with Custom Cells in the Master Controller
  • Custom UITableViewCells with Framed Thumbnails
  • Leather UIButtons and Custom UISlider
  • Custom UITabBar with transparent selected button

QWGATT - Questions We Get All The Time ... Better Known As FAQ

Will you support me after I purchase a template?

After you buy a template from us, our relationship does not end there. We are not going anywhere. If you have any questions, please send a message via this page. Our support team will be there to answer any questions you have or give you pointers on how to implement these templates.

Do you have any Case Studies/Demos or examples of apps using your templates?

Yes sure. We have a list of apps using our templates here on our Examples page. We have also released a couple of apps ourselves to show you what the template is capable of. For example, here is a Driving Test App that showcases the functionality of the Quizmaker template.

Does this work with iOS 8 or iOS 7?

At the moment, all our templates are guaranteed to work with iOS 8 and also iOS 7. All the projects are compiled with Xcode 6+ so you have the latest tech available.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We don’t want you to be out of pocket if you find out the templates are not for you. We offer a full 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. You have got a full 2 months to try out the template and if after then you are not happy. Send us a message via our contact page and your refund will be processed ASAP.

Is there any documentation?

We did make sure all our code is readable and well documented. If there are any setup tasks you need to do, this will be in your download. We are also very active on our YouTube page where you will find loads of videos showing you tips and tricks on how to get started on implementing the designs.

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4.50 out of 5

2 reviews for Foody

  1. says

    Wow! Really awsome! And the textures are just great!

  2. says

    I like this theme :)

  3. says

    this come with xcod project ?

    • says

      Yes it does

  4. says

    Hey, I like your template very much and would like to buy it. But there are some confusion. Will you please let us know below points:
    1) Are you providing xcode project?
    2) How data are stored in project? Will it be in sqlite database or anything else?
    3) Will we able to change the data, so that app will be of different types.
    4) Will we able to make change of display?

    Please let us provide your feedback and would like to buy it accordingly.


    • says

      Hi Guest :-)

      Yes, there is an Xcode sample project and the sample data is stored in memory in an NSObject, not an sqlite DB. You can change the data of course, you can even change the design if you wish.

      Look above for links to samples of apps that have been made with the template.

      If you have some Photoshop experience, you can also change the display, colours and more.

  5. says

    I like this theme, does it supoort multi-language ? becouse I supposed to do it in Tranditional Chinese Language. if it will do, than I will think about buying it, thank you

    • says

      No it doesn’t come multi language out of the box.

  6. says

    Im looking to build a recipe app. Am i assuming correctly that this is ready to go as far as recipe functions are concerned? Would I simply just need to add and edit the data in NSO object?

    • says

      Hi Norm, it is a design template, you will need to add the correct functionality to make it the recipe app you want.

  7. says

    Hi there, I’m interested in this theme but I need the 2x iPad resources. Are those coming along soon?

    • says

      Hi James, in your download will be the iPad PSD at the dimensions 2048×1536 pixels and also @2x retina files for iPad.

  8. says

    Is the sample project created with XCode4.2/4.3 with ARC?

    • says

      The sample project is in Xcode 4.3 with ARC enabled.

  9. says

    I bought this theme, it looks awesome, but SensibleFoody sample isn’t compiled now. There is no SensibleTableView files. Could you check it?
    I did just these..

    download zip file -> unzip -> open SensibleTableView project -> compile..
    I’m using most recent Xcode..

    • says

      There are two sample projects in your download. The first one implements the sample you see above. It has no dependencies on the STV 3.0 project. The second one is meant to show you how to use Sensible Table View’s theming engine.

      You will need to be Sensible Table View customer to be able to use the second project. Add your libraries to the project and you should be fine.

      If you are not a Sensible Cocoa customer, you can still use the first sample project and get all the designs in the screenshots above without any issues

  10. says

    its loking great.:))

  11. says

    Hello tope, I was just reading through some of the reviews and had to clarify.
    I am a software developer, though still a novice but I do not have any experience in app development excelt having changed AppIcons and some basic administration.
    Will I be able to get your template and make a recipe app based on the samples that are in the app already and then just compile it?

    ps.: I’m using Xcode 3.6.

  12. says

    If i buy this theme can i load my own data with RSS inside ? My site is and i want to load my own data on this application.

    • says

      You will have access to the source code after purchase so you are free to modify, hack as you want :-)

  13. says

    Nice, I just wished the elements in the psd were editable text/vector not bitmap. Would you consider that?

    • says

      I guess it because I work in Fireworks, that I ask like that.

  14. says

    Really awesome, congrats! Is this theme available in blue textures ?

    • says

      Thanks. Glad you like it. We are about to release a color switcher soo

      With that you will be able to change all templates to the colour you want

      • says

        And when will be available this feature ? Have you got any roadmap ?? Have you consider a suscription for users, that provide enhancements about their purchases ??

  15. says

    Hi there,

    Great stuff!

    Does the project work under Xcode 4.2 SnowLeopard?
    Does it come with a integrated database?
    What about the copyright? if we just use the template and to rebuild a complete new app?



    • says

      The project is currently on the version XCode 4.4.1. It doesn’t come with a database as it is a design template.

      You have the license to use the code in your commercial apps, yes.

  16. says

    Hi Tope,

    I’ve purchased the codes and I’m now working on my own app, it looks great :)

    I’m having some issues to add recipes though, let say I want to create a tuna sandwich, I enter this code into the DataLoader:

    Recipe* recipe5 = [[Recipe alloc] initWithName:@”Tuna Sandwich”
    time:@”10 Min”
    andImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”tuna-salad-sandwich.jpg”]
    andSteps:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”In a mixing bowl, place the tuna and then add the relish, salad dressing (or mayonnaise), and salt.”,
    @”Mix until the salad dressing (or mayonnaise) covers the tuna. “, @”Spread tuna mixture on a slice of bread, add 2 tomato slices, a leaf of lettuce and top with an additional bread slice”, nil]
    andIngredients:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”1 can (7-ounces) can tuna packed in spring water, drained”,
    @”1/2 cup salad dressing (or mayonnaise)”,
    @”1/4 teaspoon salt”,
    @”1 tomato, thinly sliced”,
    @” 4 lettuce leaves”,@”8 slices bread (your choice)”, nil]];

    However the Step List Controller View doesn’t display the right Steps.

    Can you help me out?



  17. says

    This is a great theme! But unfortunately there is no 1024×1024 Icon.png which is required now. Have you plans to update this theme in order to add the Icon in the required size?

    • says

      At the moment, we haven’t planned to update the icon. When iOS 6 is released, we will take a look at all the updates and work on revising the projects

  18. says

    Does the sample app contain any Facebook/Twitter sharing features similar to the Wold Cookbook app? If so I plan on purchasing the framework. Thanks, mike

    • says

      Sorry no it doesn’t

  19. says

    Hi, I am interested in this but wondered what ‘Label 2′ and ‘Label 3′ would be for ?

    • says

      I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by Label 2 and 3?

  20. says

    Could the recipes be loaded from wordpress pages or must they be done manually ?

    • says

      You could add your custom code to load the recipes from a wordpress page but you will have to add that functionality yourself. Right now the recipes are hardcoded into the template

  21. says

    hi tope
    you are cool guys!
    it’s great thing!
    l have a question,this file contains the whole code?or just the app UI file?

    • says

      Thanks Olli, This is a design template so you will mainly find the code is mostly design/UI related.

      With this you will be able to reuse the code to design your own app.

  22. says

    Just bought this. What is the second tab ‘steps’ for as there is steps on the recipe description itself. Is it connected to any other part of the app through code ? i am new to app coding and thought this maybe a half built app, is it just for themeing really ? If so, can you offer services ?

  23. says

    hello, this is very nice app template i will bay it now thanks

  24. says

    Hello, I am interested in buying the Foody iOS template, but I am afraid iPhone 5 screen size is not supported. Is it?


    • says

      Hi Fabrizio, It is supported.

  25. says

    Hi I was just wondering does the Foody App have code to get the project going quickly? Or is it soley design templates?



    • says

      You will get an XCode sample project to see how to implement the template. Also you get PNG files and well as the photoshop PSDs

  26. says

    Sorry, does this template work also on iPhone5? After buying this template how can I change the contents and the other things?

    • says

      Yes, it does, Maria. You will have access to the source code so you can change the contents as you wish. But, you need to know how to code in Objective-C to be able to make effective use of the template….

  27. says

    Hi Tope!
    How can I get rid of this warning message?

    Group Table View Background Colour is deprecated in iOS 6.0

  28. says

    Hey, I am doing the Foody tute at the moment from Youtube. I am just wondering anyone knows where to get the JSON files included in the tutorial?

  29. says

    Hello, I bought this theme, and i have problem with de building:


    1) in: -(void)iPadInit
    this lines:
    UINavigationController* nav = (splitViewController.viewControllers)[0];
    MasterViewController* master = (nav.viewControllers)[0];
    ! Suscrip requires size of interface ‘NSArray’, which in not constant in non-fragile ABI

    2) in: -(void)iPhoneInit
    this lines:
    UINavigationController *navigationController = [tabBarController viewControllers][0];
    UIViewController* controller2 = [tabBarController viewControllers][1];
    UIViewController *controller3 = [tabBarController viewControllers][2];
    UIViewController *controller4 = [tabBarController viewControllers][3];
    FAILED: the same message:
    ! Suscrip requires size of interface ‘NSArray’, which in not constant in non-fragile ABI
    3) +(NSArray*)loadSampleRecipes, in this lines:
    andSteps:@[@”Peel and chop the onions. Pour the olive oil into a sizeable saucepan, Bring the water to a boil. Add the olive oil and salt, then the spaghetti”,

    andSteps:@[@”Cook the bacon, adjusting the heat as necessary to render fat out of the bacon, Peel and chop the onions. Pour the olive oil into a sizeable saucepan”,

    andSteps:@[@”Prepare the vegetables. De-seed the peppers”,

    and other lines the failed is
    FAILED: the same message:
    Unexpected ‘@’ in program

    Please fix it,

    Thank, Jose

  30. says

    Hi tope
    run FODY in Xcode 4.5 and all is OK

  31. says

    Hi, can you provide it the the option Right to left writing?


  32. says

    Hi, is this template $69 or $79? The gallery page says it’s $69, but it’s $79 on this page.

    • says

      Sorry, the problem was from the gallery page. The price is $79

      • says

        Can i have another color instead of the brown one ???can i do that with min steps??

  33. says

    Hi, Do you have a sample project/code(and for sale) using storyboards/segues?


    • says

      Hi Ravi, All our sample projects do use storyboard and segues.

  34. says

    Thanks, I have completed my 2nd application.
    Everyone can see here

  35. says

    Do you have this project w/o the storyboard? i.e. the XIB’s? Also, are all your projects using storyboard?

    • says

      Yes, they all use Storyboards, I’m afraid.

  36. says

    Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme but I sow earlier question about 1024×1024 Icon.png for Appstore. Is the icon finished now when iOS 6 is released?

  37. says

    What does “Button Presed” mean? Typo in your showcase?

  38. says


    whre is the JSON files ?

  39. says

    i cant run sample application !..
    i receive error ( in procedure AppDelegate ) in line
    – (void)customizeGlobalTheme {
    [[UIApplication sharedApplication]
    setStatusBarStyle:UIStatusBarStyleLightContent animated:NO]; // in this line
    use of undeclared identif UIStatusBarStyleLightContent
    and i cant open storybord files … i use MAC OS X 10.7.5 (11G63b)‬
    and i receive message use newer version of xcode

  40. says

    Will this template work with Xcode 5 and ios7?

  41. says


    any updated version coming up? I am interested. Thx

  42. says


    I want to know if it would be possible to make a research with this template?

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