I love it when people take action. Alina, who is a Client of the Vault bought the Photoly theme and within a week used it to design her Android app called MegaWords. Here are some screenshots.

Here are some take-aways from Alina’s story.

Take action and to Increase your Chances of Success.

Some people hesitate to take action because they are not sure they ready for it. The best way to overcome your fears is to try and fail and at some point you will succeed.

Alina already had her app developed but needed to spruce up the design. She went from purchase, to design, to app store in a week. That’s some massive action taking and I predict a bright future for her app.

Don’t be limited by concepts.

When I first developed Photoly, I used a Photography theme to show you what is possible. In fact, Photoly is a just a design template with a wood design. I love her for that.

It just shows how you can use the themes on the Vault to make your apps rock. I am stoked to see how the template can be remixed and used in many ways. Not only was it used on a different kind of app, it was used on a whole new platform. Android!

Click here to buy Photoly to pimp up your app

Check out MegaWords

If you are on Android, please download MegaWords and give her a good rating. Give a fellow developer some support. We all need it.

If you have already purchased any theme from the Vault and used it to design your app, please let me know. I want to hear from you.


  1. Sebastian

    Any tips on how to use the themes on an android? I purchased 3 themes a while back but now i’m coding an android app and i’d love to use the ones i purchased for the iPhone.

    awesome work by the way.

    • tope

      I would suggest against using the templates for an Android app.

      These templates use the iOS best practices and would look really foreign on an Android app.