[alert-white]Are you also frustrated by this?[/alert-white]

  • Did you spend $300 or more on a 99 designs contest but got crappy submissions and nothing usable?
  • Do you end up having to spend hours in Photoshop making your own designs?
  • Are you scared of not making back your design costs?
  • How many designers do you have to go through before you get one that submits something you love?
[adv_testimonial name=”Alina, iOS and Android App Developer” site=”Mega Words” link=”https://market.android.com/details?id=com.scroggler”]After a tedious search for mobile app themes, App Design Vault proved to be a sunshine in the dark.

The templates here are awesomely beautiful, simple yet covering all the features that I needed, and with a lot of the UX thought out and built into them.

I ended up getting all the themes from the website since they’re just an offer to good to pass and I’m sure I’ll use all of them in the future. Thank you!

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[alert-white]Save Yourself from Pain and Expensive Designs…[/alert-white]

Now you can say goodbye to all those frustrations and get the key-codes to the Vault. In the Vault, you will find design templates for iPhone and iPad Apps ready for you to modify and tweak for your app.

[alert-white]And Sell More Copies Of Your App[/alert-white]

As Vault Overseer, I have spent the time with our designers to come up with stunning iPhone and iPad design templates that make your app look like it was designed by Van Gogh himself.

If your App looks like it was designed by a professional, it increases the perceived value of the app.

While your competitors are charging 99c for their apps, you can charge $4.99, get better customers and not the trolls that leave 1-star reviews for free apps.

[adv_testimonial name=”Tony Celestino, iOS App Developer” site=”Best Apps” link=”http://www.bestapps.com.br”]I’ve spent countless hours designing my apps before and although they looked good enough they were lacking that professional touch, and without that you can’t make into the top lists on the App Store.

So I decided to hire a designer, and he rocked my app, it looks stunning and professional in every detail but that costed hundreds of dollars and weeks of reviews and waiting for the delivery of the source files.

That’s when I decided to look around and found App Design Vault, now I have professional templates at a fraction of the price and there’s no need to waste hours trying to come up with my own design or waiting for a designer to deliver my project.

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