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7 important tips for migrating to IOS 7

Over the weekend, iOS 7 was officially released to the public, after months of being in the hands of Apple’s entrusted community of developers, coinciding with the release of Apple’s latest iPhones, the iPhone 5S and 5C. Regardless of how revolutionary the hardware iteration is, no one can doubt that the operating system itself has […]

3 Examples Of Minimal Design Done Well

Here are three apps that have the minimal design concept nailed down. I use these apps often and like how the controls kind of get out of the way and you get to interact with the app directly. Google Maps I loved the Google Maps app the moment I downloaded it. The app uses a […]

Don’t hate on Skeuomorphism. Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Skeumorphism, has been a heated topic recently, dividing the mobile design community, with many critics already declaring this methodology utterly outdated, useless bloatware. The technique of taking high-status physical objects, like kettles and analogue knobs and applying them as UI elements, has been a design fixture of Apple, over the past few years, but with […]

How To Customize Your App’s UITabbar

Sometimes, you just need a unique look and feel to the UITabbar to make your app stand out. I made a video showing you how we did it for the Fitpulse template. You can see it below. Let me know what you think. If you like the video, please share it with your friends on […]

iOS 6 By Tutorials Review

iOS 6 is here and Apple has packed it full with a lot of juicy updates. If you want to learn how to implement the new iOS 6 features in your app, I would recommend nothing other than the iOS 6 by tutorials Book by Ray Wenderlich and the book team. Watch the video below […]

I’m new to this app thingy, where do I start?

I want to get an app on the app store but I am a newbie. Should I learn how to code? Or hire a developer? I get this question every other day so here is an attempt to tackle this topic in depth. 100 words in an email is not able to do it enough […]