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Contracting a Designer Costs More Than Their Hourly Rate

Any designer you want working on your app costs at least $75/hr. But how do you find a good one? And what will you invest... only to risk ending up with designs you don’t love? Working with a designer involves:

  • Scouring freelance designer or agency listings to find one
  • Slogging through statements of work and other formalities upfront
  • Waiting to be fit into their calendar
  • Managing the back-and-forth of supervising a design
  • Trying to make sense of their UX without Xcode to help

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I ran a contest on 99 designs but was not satisfied with the result. Then I purchased Social Boo and had my designer customize it. It was easy to select a template and customize it.

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Our recipe app has has been ranked Top 10 in Lifestyle Category by using the Foody template. App Design Vault provides world class iOS design. Foody has helped us a lot to save a lot of time and money to hire a iOS designer.

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How Much Development Time Could You Waste Fiddling Over Your Own Design?

Let’s look at what it really costs to design your own app. Even if you know your way around Photoshop, you’re likely to spend at least 40 hours creating an app design.

  • 6 hours - Wireframing layouts for various screens
  • 2 hours - Second-guessing the color palette
  • 3 hours - Watching YouTube how-to videos
  • 22 hours - Creating the UI design from scratch
  • 2.5 hours - Slicing PSDs
  • 5 hours - Polishing the design
  • 10 hours - Coding the design in Objective-C
  • 2 hours - Producing graphics at various resolutions

That's 52.5 hours in total!

Find Your App Design - Just $70 Large selection. Professionaly designed. Sample code. If your time is worth just $35/hr, you could lose $1837.50 worth of time by attempting the design for a single app.