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Mega is our bravest challenge ever. A lot of our customers ask for templates that can be used in a variety of situations and not have to be restricted to a certain kind of template.

We obliged and developed Mega. This template pack is a complete App Design Kit for almost any kind of app you can think of.

Design Kit Perfect for an e-Commerce or Shopping App

The e-Commerce Kit in Mega is simple, clean but also impactful on the user. It consists of product carousels, product grids, cart designs, Order pages and more. This will help you stun your customers and showcase your products better in your app.


Charts and Graphs For Fitness, Statistical or Data-Rich Visualizations

Health Kit is going mainstream soon and Fitness apps are now a major category of sought after apps. The charts and graphs in Mega help you implement visualisations easily in the app. This is perfect for any app that needs to show a lot of data in a simple to display manner.


Controls, Navigation and All the Hooks to Link Your Screens

This is the most important part of Mega. You could have all the screens possible in the world but if you didn't have the hooks and a nice way to navigate around the app, it will be kinda useless, right? So here's where the Navigation and Controls module comes in. We give you multiple options of navigation styles. See them below, pick your favourite and integrate it into your app.


How Much Time Could You Waste Trying to Do it All Yourself?

Let’s look at what it takes to develop your own app. Even if you know your way around Xcode and Swift/Objective-C, you’re likely to spend at least 150 hours creating an app from scratch:

  • 6 hours - Wireframing layouts for various screens
  • 2 hours - Second-guessing the transitions and screens
  • 3 hours - Watching YouTube how-to videos
  • 22 hours - Creating the UI design from scratch
  • 2.5 hours - Slicing PSDs5 hours - Polishing the design
  • 60 hours - Coding the app in Objective-C
  • 2 hours - Implementing for various screen resolutions and devices, iPad/iPhone etc.

That's 97.5 hours in total!. Stop wasting valuable time, instantly download one of our app templates and jump start your route into the App Store.

Simple to customise with minimal effort

The Quizmaker template was so simple to update with fresh designs. If you want to just focus on the app's content with minimal design and dev effort, I'd recommend using the Quizmaker template.

Andrew, Lafayette College Trivia

Great design helps your app stand out

My first app is live on the app store! I struggled for a long time with the design of SharedLi - Shared Lists. Once I discovered the templates and advice on App Design Vault, I was able to complete my app and get it in the app store.

Ryan, Shared Lists

Contracting a Developer Costs More Than Their Hourly Rate

Any developer you want working on your app costs at least $35/hr. But how do you find a good one? And what will you invest... only to risk ending up with an app that doesn't do what is on the spec? Working with a developer involves:

  • Scouring freelance developer or agency listings to find one
  • Slogging through statements of work etc
  • Waiting to be fit into their calendar
  • Supervising the development process
  • Making sure the code is maintainable
  • On-going support and bug-fixes

Avoid the expense of an iOS developer. Instantly download one of our app templates and jump start your route into the App Store.

Find your App Template - From $99 Clean code - Professionally designed - Easy to customize. If your time is worth just $35/hr, you could lose $3237.50 worth of time by attempting the development for a single app from scratch.